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  1. I beat the Cyberpunk 2077 main story. Currently doing all the side content that I didnt get to do. My only issue that I had on PS4 Pro was that u had to wait abit for texture to load in if you had to enter through a door when I been driving around the map in the fastest car. And random buys that I post up on twitter. My play style is hacking, crafting, and using that one gun that can shoot through walls when zoomed in and do a scatter shot when not. Using crafting to keep it upgraded. Hacking at first till I get caught then I shoot my way though a situation. Only quest that was bad for me visually doing wise was the racing since the checkpoints wouldnt load in. So I was mainly focused on looking at where the line was telling me to go and staying right on it.
  2. We use to spray sanitizer on carts. But customers would say we didnt clean them good enough. So now we have also near the paper towels is some disinfected spray and hand sanitizer for them to use. And since the mask mandate. The door greeters now tell customers to wear a mask and hand them one if they dont have one. If they still dont take one and continue to walk into the store they get on the walkie to tell management so they can get removed from the store.
  3. Well we have the sign up when we have no money in the register. And since our cart pushers are so slow they push the carts into the store still soaked. But there is paper towels right were the carts are at so customers can wipe them off. I just work in L&G. And ever since they changed up manager positions giving managers more responsibilities than when I first got the job. I dont really have the motive to move up. I am sort of already treated like a manager in my area since they know I know how to do my area. (Since I been in that one department for 3 years) And I direct the other associates in my area to what they need to get done.
  4. I been at this same job for 3 years now. My 4 year mark is 4/20. Like for instance stupid questions: Is the register open? While there is a sign that says lane closed. Why are the carts wet? Well its raining so that's why they are wet.
  5. I have also had plenty of times hearing customers ask really stupid things at work too. Since I work at a Supermarket.
  6. I know I told him that. And hes like no you are wrong there are 52. A girl in the room said I was right there is only 50. He then said that those two states were just added in the last 10 years.
  7. Na I am not joking. He said that to me in the break room. I heard more stupid things at work like one of my coworkers told a customer that the reason their cell phone wasnt able to get service was because the leaves were falling. I hear stupid stuff all the time at work. Even stuff that could get them fired if I felt like you know telling management about it. But I tend to not care since its their opinion on a certain matter. Also you know that Twisted Tea video that has been going around social media wise lately. One of my coworkers know the guy that got hit in the face with that can.
  8. One of my coworkers keeps telling me how great Monster Hunter movie is. I think he just has bad taste. I mean he told me that there is 52 states. 52 is Alaska, and 51 is Hawaii.
  9. Lobos is so good at the Dark Souls style games. He is my go to for them. Watched his live stream of playing this version.
  10. yea its AC. Its the newest one. So far I put in about 58 hours into it. Still havnt beaten it yet. The only reason I felt like getting on was I was checking my messages on patreon and noticed a message I had with DSP to get my patreon rank on the forums 5 years ago. Felt like trying to guess my password. Noticed the forums was still active a bit and felt like posting what I been playing as of late.
  11. Been playing this game a lot recently. Waiting for Cyberpunk to come out. https://imgur.com/rAx4bxi Had my fare share of glitches like what u do with any Assassin Creed game. I remember my first like 3 days playing it all my saved files said corrupted on them. But they still worked anyways.
  12. Man it sure has been a while since I last login to this account. 

  13. My Friend Pedro - Steam Dead Cells - PS4 Death's Gambit - PS4 Shadow Warrior 1 or 2 - PS4
  14. Very long thread for the Summer Anime Season
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