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  1. Where you around for the entire move to Twitch? Let me break it down: Phil was on Twitch until a guy named Ray_Arnold came and told him to lower his bitrate. Phil thought he was being mistreated even though it was a rule that everyone on the Twitch platform followed, so he left 250 subs and his Twitch Viewerbase for YouTube streaming with a terrible, terrible IRC chat. For two entire years fans begged him to go back to Twitch and he outright refused because of some moral standard he set in place for himself to follow as a content creator that he later completely abandoned. In the meantime Twitch implemented so many features that the streamer could greatly profit from its platform and Phil is on record for shading microtransactions and the Amazon implementation on Twitch... Until one day, actually around this time to the day last year, YouTube was outright trash for getting people to view his streams, everyone was on Twitch, and Phil was barely getting 200 viewers per stream to watch. Not to even mention that god awful IRC chat that Phil would often ridiculously state was "better" or "on par" with the Twitch chat. Phil switching to Twitch was more of a necessity than following a fan decision at that point. Phil doesn't follow suggestions unless there is a massive profit he can make immediately or he's forced into doing something because of finances. Phil rarely takes the fans suggestions into consideration, but when he does, it always been better for him than worse.
  2. Its just when you're in financial straits and need to budget better, you take a sheet of paper or open a new file in spreadsheet, take your bank statements and type in everything you are spending your money on. Calculate precisely how much you're bringing in and how much is leaving the door. Thoroughly separate whats "needed" and whats "wanted". For example, headphones are needed for what he does for his career, but surround sound headphones is a want, buy some regular headphones for the time being to save some money. And you keep going through all your finances and see whats going on, you don't stumble apon cheaper TV/Streaming services one day when you could of been paying a fraction of what you've been paying (and saying you're broke) for years. Nor you don't just one day discover you've been paying for a landline that you never use and been paying for just because your parents told you too. I know what Budgeting and Broke are and how they look like in someone's life and it doesn't remind me of anything that Phil does outside of him just saying the words. Especially when you're saying things like only $500 to $800 gain in income isn't worth his time or the effort.
  3. @VertigoTeaparty I wanted to respond to you here since that thread is going "kabloowey" when Phil reads it. I've already had a topic deleted "mysteriously" and I just brought up if his career would have a good foundation for the future if its based solely on sympathy donations. But Phil has a good way of convincing people that luxurious items are essentially "needs" while more productive items and moves that he doesn't instantly get a huge profit off of immediately is deemed "unnecessary and too expensive". Children and kids that don't have any bills or haven't budget anything can easily be manipulated into this mindset but adults, not so much. Like I brought up and mentioned in the other thread, Phil has a lifestyle he want's to keep living even If he has to rely on his fans to pump more money into his finances without him making much change in his daily life, which would work if he didn't have the tendency too piss off a lot of his supporters one way or another regularly. He very luckily has a good handful of donators that donates thousands too him, but if he loses even one of those guys though, he is going to take a big financial hit from that loss. I hope he understands this, and whatever looming situation that might take his house doesn't happen so he can do better for himself in the future. As much as I hate Phil being so fragile to honest criticism and his willingness to question my intelligence as a bill-paying adult, I don't want him to be back at square one, off of YouTube/Twitch.
  4. FUCKING YES!!!!! Lets remember who the fuck this guy really is. Fucking nobody, bye Charles Manson.
  5. The word "only" jumps out so fierce when I read this I had to respond. Only $500 - $800? For someone that is in debt and currently in dire financial straits, that is a lot of money. That statement, along with you just realizing certain things you've been paying for for years and not needing means that you're lifestyle needs severe adjusting. You need to sit down with a financial advisor quick. Honestly DSP, I have no clue how you're "broke" and been claiming you've been broke for years now dude. I won't put your numbers out there just out of respect of you and your finances being private, but I can calculate the total you've received from Patreon, Twitch, and to a wide estimate, YouTube as well. DSP there is no way 35 year old male, single, no kids, no big vices that we can tell, no friends, you don't go out ever, never take trips, you go out to eat but it aint like you're going to steakhouses everyday... like unless you're literally throwing your money into the fireplace, I can't see how you can honestly be really broke by that standards that you're advertising on video and social media. Unless you're just saying your broke for more sympathy money, but I don't picture you like that kind of dude. I think you're just living a lifestyle that you can no longer afford and haven't adjusted to your recent income decrease. And when you won't budge to make an effort to free up half a grand or more, that says everything. Please don't insult me or scold me if you think I'm being naïve, I'm just stating my opinion, and if I don't know the full facts then I apologize, but I just know soooo many people who can survive comfortably off of half of what you make with way more issues and bills than you have.
  6. Here is something worthwhile.
  7. The "Wow Dude!" should be made a permanent emote in the chat. All the others I'm not so sure.
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