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  1. Yeah it'll be the Mario series. Two days until Callisto.
  2. Finished Ragnarok, ending was pretty good but left some lingering questions that might be answered in end game. And boy there's an entire post-game chapter that is ripe with a mess of optional content that I can see taking me another 10 hours to complete. Final boss was pretty easy but then again all my gear was fully upgraded.
  3. Just because someone mentioned DSP doesn't make them a detractor youtuber. If 100% of their content was about DSP then I'd be impressed. Everybody and their grandmother has said some shit about DSP.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Kingdoms
  5. Against my better judgement Imma read Dokumushi tonight.
  6. Same, but I've yet to actually hear a release date so who knows when that's releasing.
  7. Yeah what else is new, it's the norm now for Pokemon games. I'm really excited for Dead Space Callisto protocol in two weeks. Damn it looks awesome.
  8. Damn 24 courses and we're only halfway done.
  9. Fuck fuck fuck. I'm here dealing with the Flu and now this news hits, what a shit day.
  10. Dark blaming me for another mod deleting his post. Looking at the post there wasn't even anything remotely interesting about it, just moist saying he wouldn't interview Phil. Amazing. I'm watching Asmongold play Dark souls for the first time, this is definitely the worst LP I've ever watched of this game. Even Phil's original DS playthrough that he rage quit is better than this.
  11. I watched both movies back to back for Halloween and there's always one crazy over the top death. First movie was the selfie girl who gets cut in half with the saw while hanging upside down. Second movie was definitely the girl getting scalped then having salt and bleach poured on her wounds.
  12. The entire segment in Ragnarok with Angrboda was visually stunning, that whole area was damn nice looking.
  13. Found a stray kitty out in the snow a few weeks ago. It has no collar or chip and no clear owner, so I made a couple of attempts to drop it off at an animal shelter lately and they all failed because the shelters were full and not accepting any more strays. So for now I've named him Felix.
  14. Dunno my couch is probably 8' from the TV.
  15. I finished Cyberpunk 2077 the other night so I could focus entirely on GoW, which is great so far. Playing it on an 80" TV is nice. I honestly didn't know the new Sonic game was out until last night.
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