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  1. One of the first 3D games I ever played as a kid. Opening my N64 and playing 3D Mario all day was like a dream. Ultimately though Banjo was the best 3D platformer for the N64.
  2. because it was 1996 and one of the early 3D platformers to exist.
  3. For years people have said all kinds of shit about Phil and he's mostly ignored it, so it was nice to hear his side of these stories. Also there's nothing wrong with his reaction, it can be as long as he wants if it's about the topic of the video he's watching. People that watch reacts with minimal commentary are boring af.
  4. Finale for the Amphibia series is today.
  5. Wait wtf, the Salt and Sactuary sequel is out???
  6. He dropped Outer wilds which is an amazing indie game. He can play games like Skyrim with no problem but can't understand a little open world space exploration game. Hope he doesn't play The Witness, that game will destroy his mind.
  7. Pretty weird day, boss called me and told me I got a wage increase of 5%. They just gave me a raise a month ago so I got like two increases in a row. Probably because I was interviewing with some other folks and they want to try and keep me on their team. Also why the fuck are people calling Phil a nig***? That doesn't even make sense, you created an account just for that? That's some weak ass trolling.
  8. Darksphere brought it up, so I'm guessing he took offense to the furry comment. Avatar is literally just a furry fantasy. First one was ok, but it was still a furn gully ripoff.
  9. Franchise is dead bro, sorry to tell you.
  10. Sounds like something a furry would say.
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