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  1. I was hoping for some infinite ammo weapons to make Professional mode fun, but they actually don't appear to give you any in this game. You have to beat Professional with a good rank to unlock them. Just blew through the first couple of chapter on Pro, so far the enemies barely ever stagger and they soak up bullets like nothing.
  2. DLC content Also I did most of the challenges in my first run so I got like 26,000 CP to blow on unlockables.
  3. Beat RE4, pretty solid remake. Planning to jump right back into it to play Professional difficulty.
  4. Nah, Hogwarts Legacy holds that for me. We'll have to see how Zelda and Spiderman do however.
  5. And why, what motive would these groups of people have to hide under different accounts throwing money at him? Usually if someone is throwing large amounts of money at a streamer it's for attention so they want everyone to know their name. That claim doesn't make sense. How would you even know it's the same people if the accounts are different?
  6. No, it's a blue medallion quest. There is a quest earlier on to fight a super Regenerador with like 10 parasites.
  7. If you've been doing every single one of those blue side quests from the Merchant in RE4, beware the last request locks you out if you enter the building right next to the request. I had to reload an older save and redo an hour of gameplay to get back there and properly finish it. Sucks if you get locked out at the very end of the game. Should be able to beat the game tomorrow, I'm at the end of chapter 15.
  8. Be sure to destroy all the Castellans as you go through the game, getting all of them unlocks the Primal knife which has infinite durability for all your future playthroughs.
  9. Yeah, the parasites you gotta destroy otherwise they just self heal.
  10. Regenerdor's are still just as terrible in RE4 remake.
  11. There are rich people who spend all day on Twitch throwing money at streamers, it's hardly new and $100 isn't alot of money. People throw thousands of dollars at larger streamers. Probably, people that donate to Phil get doxed by Kiwifarms so they should be anon.
  12. Yeah, I'm conflicted between Necro or Sorc. I'll probably end up leveling both at release. So they all got high on that bus at the end. God, Blizzard sucks so hard. I've had someone try to get into my account twice this past week and had to update my password on both occasions.
  13. This is the best track in the entire game, it has no business being so good.
  14. Just killed Verdugo, dude is just a necromorph in this one.
  15. Holy fuck, that entire sequence toward the end of Chapter 9. You'll know it when you see it...gonna have nightmares.
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