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  1. Same, I don't bother to respond to people that vehemently defend racist forums every chance they get. "Oh but despite the racism and illegal activity they might be right!11 derp" smh
  2. So does it suck like everyone thinks it will? Nothing good coming out until Horizon and Elden ring next month. So anyway, I crushed my hand at work today while moving some heavy equipment. Not broken but definitely swollen af.
  3. I ignore anyone claiming KF isn't doxing people on a daily basis or involved in criminal activity.
  4. Won't affect much for me, though I do play some Diablo 2 every now and then.
  5. I went and saw Belle tonight, I'd give it a 8/10. I pretty much hated the cyber/U scenes but loved all the real world stuff. Lot of eyeroll anime nonsense, but the ending defied my expectations and was gud.
  6. Your friend is an alien wearing human skin. I wouldn't worry about it unless he tries to suck your dick.
  7. Until they break. My Pro controller has survived for years.
  8. Leveling those field/hand classes in FFXIV like mining, blacksmithing, leatherwork, etc is strangely calming, they really know how to make a repetitive class chill to play. Just put a podcast on and go hit some some rocks. You sure been rage quiting a lot of games lately.
  9. He hasn't been a pro player for like a decade, he likely just wants to play fighting games casually these days. Only plays street fighter once a week.
  10. Hope the new Pokemon don't suck, but I don't have high hopes. I predict it will have horrible performance.
  11. because most of his life he went to arcades and tournies to fight people, not some anons online. Pretty sure he just hates online fighting games.
  12. Lot of people will say P5 is the best one, but I still think Persona 4 is the best game in that series. Still grinding my way through Stormblood MSQ in FFXIV. This is gonna take me weeks.
  13. Yooooo that's gonna be cool, I wouldn't mind rebuying it on modern consoles.
  14. Belle (2022) is out in theaters now, really thinking I might see it this weekend. I didn't know it was out.
  15. Last time I watched any TIHYDP there were montages of snorts, belches and other dumb shit. Yeah, classy. I'm sure that's what he enjoys about his videos.
  16. The original was pretty decent too. Slowly making my way through Stormblood but I imagine this is going to take much of my weekend. Yo the empire's anthem is hot
  17. "I don't want to stream long RPGs" Streams Skyrim and Yakuza.
  18. You actually made a burner account just to agree with yourself? jesus
  19. Pretty big difference between reacting to your old stuff for fun and people being toxic about it.
  20. Did they get the Snorlax though? Don't worry about the burglary, those happen every day in LA. It's actually against the law to stop someone from breaking into your house.
  21. Which I use every day, so it is annoying. "testing some stuff" is the most non-answer you can get. It's an Invision forum, you can find a huge amount of bug testing on the internet.
  22. Butt clenched I played with some people that didn't understand the boss mechanics, that was quite an interesting run. Also RIP Saget.
  23. Hoping to finish 3.5 this week so I can start Stormblood. I think I need the soundtrack.
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