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  1. God today was rough at work, what a bad day. You work on a project for 2 weeks and when you're about done it all gets tossed out and you have to start over because they decided to change everything.
  2. Sounds right, ebay auctions can be trolled.
  3. No, watched someone play it for 20 minutes and got bored. Man this looks fucked.
  4. Yes, you responded to the post where I said I did. Was good. They have new episodes up now too.
  5. I rewatched the entire Beavis and Butthead series recently (the episodes are actually only 4 minutes long) So I suddenly became interested in checking out Daria since I never watched it in the 90s. Man, I don't even know. wtf is this show
  6. Bassmaster will be DSP's best playthrough of all time.
  7. Dunno, guess curiosity to see what stuff he tries to keep his channel entertaining. Bassmaster? Oh boy There hasn't been any real drama worth paying attention to this past year so things are pretty boring right now.
  8. Bobs burgers and Everything Everywhere are top 3 for me. Batman isn't even top 10.
  9. Christ, the first 10 hours or so of Xenoblade 3 are loaded with tutorials. Then it pops off pretty hard.
  10. This is the one I bought in early 2021. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16834233381
  11. Who even asked for a Batgirl film? lol
  12. Yeah, seems like a big gamer. They don't even make the same kind of content.
  13. Is that supposed to be a jab? I don't play mobile games.
  14. What would they even discuss? Those two men are nothing alike
  15. Good. Juggling FFXIV, MHR Sunbreak, Live-a-Live and now Xenoblade 3...damn I guess it makes up for not much coming out the next month. Saint's Row: 8-23 Soul Hackers 2: 8-25
  16. That's not much for a collectable. Looks like trash.
  17. So Phil isn't playing any big releases these days huh? No Xenoblade 3 today or even Live-a-Live. Xeno 3 has a damn interesting opening. Joe sucks. It's so bad and goofy that it's probably going to be a surprise hit.
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