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  1. DSP’s rant on nintendo is kinda silly because he says how nintendo is out of touch with the gamer culture but gamers dont always upload or stream nintendo content with the mentality of monetizing it. I streamed myself playing zelda BOTW on twitch and if i were to upload it to yt sure nintendo would claim it but i wouldnt care. I think that kind of stuff shouldnt really be involved with a GOTY countdown because it doesnt reflect the quality of the game. It would be understandable if he was talking about the company in general but these are games he played and why they are GOTY nothing else. I also think him including shadow of war on disappointing and game of the year lists kind of make the countdowns invalid. A game cant be disappointing and game of the year. Its one thing to say “the game is disappointing but the core is fun” and then saying “this is a disappointing game but its my game of the year” it like doesnt make sense. Game of the year implies it was by far the best game of the year and wouldnt be disappointing. So how can a game that is disappointing be considered as game of the year? Its kinda ridiculous.
  2. I keep hearing from phil how yt plays favorites and so on while twitch has done that too. Twitch cracks down heavily on affiliate channels but partners usually get away with breaking TOS like those infamous titty streamers etc. they bend the rules so much for them because they make money off their cut. Just putting it out there because twitch isnt any better than yt when it comes to preferential treatment.
  3. Yea dsp sleeping through cutscenes as a joke and talking over them and then asking what to do despite the cutscene blatantly telling him sure shows how much he appreciated the games and then complaining about features of the game.... are you sure you are watching the redemption run? Idk man its like you are in another universe.
  4. Yea dsp says its long because of shoutouts but he could boot up a game do things while giving shout outs people can wait for their shoutouts. They dont need to be instant or super instant.
  5. i seen playthroughs where he asks "what class should i be chat?" look at the DS2 scholar run etc. he done it multiple times. but i see your point so eh. it could work.
  6. Phil responded to those threads and just locked them and left.
  7. 1). If a tv series had a boring mid-season finale i would voice my opinion that its boring (kinda like how im voicing PUBG is boring because he does it every day) and tv shows usually air once a week and the episodes are new. If they aired the same episode every week or every day then you would see rating plummet. 2). I am allowed to voice my opinion here. I’m not insulting phil im not calling him names etc. if voicing my opinion isnt welcome here then why have a forum? 3). People show up to the streams to support phil they dont care about the game so they arent there because they find PUBG entertaining they go there to support him. If you ask anyone in the chat they might tell you they dislike the playthrough but is only there because they want to watch phil. So the view count isnt exactly reflecting interest in the game. There were threads that literally insulted dsp and called him names that didnt get deleted. So i dont quite see why my initial thread got deleted when it had no insults.
  8. The twitch streamers i like watching dont stream everyday and i enjoy phil’s Streams. I like seeing what he plays. But im getting tired of watching him play the same game everyday. And i know im not alone. There are people who love it some who dont. Thats why im not asking for him to never play it. I’m just asking for him to mix it up. I dont want to see PUBG from dsp every day. Back when he had COD, Star Wars, MvC it was fun seeing what he was playing and it was constantly different. “Variety is the spice of life” dsp should try to spice up his streams more when he can. He can play PUBG and alternate it everyday with something else.
  9. @Phil why was my thread deleted? I didnt insult you or spread negativity. I was just asking can we get a break from PUBG. I understand why you stream it. I’m not saying to never ever play the game im just saying to give us more variety than PUBG every day. Since december when you first played it you played it every day on 2nd stream. I’m just asking you to mix it up more. Sorry to have done this but i felt it was unfair i bring up a valid concern and you to just delete the thread and pretend it never exsisted.
  10. But the viewers would know thats what they are getting into because he said it would be a redemption run with no handholding. Thats literally how he sold the playthrough for patrons and to the viewers. People may not like it but he made the bed and he has to sleep in it.
  11. The first idea is ok it has potential so i would be interested seeing where that goes. second idea is just “twitch plays” but this time with dsp lol so it is a proven formula. And honestly thats what some of his playthroughs are. He gets a lot of help with the stream chat. Theres numerous times dsp asks chat what to do. So this could work since he kinda already does it might as well go all in on some playthroughs and label them “twitch plays” or something. Third idea i honestly think sounds boring. I dont think that lends itself well as a stream or anything. Maybe instead of doing that trying to do project 7 but with gta online or stuff like machinimas (not the MCN lol).
  12. He can call it whatever but the name “redemption run” implies he will play better than the first run. Which isnt the case he played even worse even phil admits that. Its fine if people want to see him replay the games same with phil thats not the issue. Its just my opinion. And the cutscenes is a lot but he knew the expectation here. He said he would pay attention etc and he is just sleeping and being a clown. Well in my opinion. I do agree with the last part however waiting for him to ask for it is questionable because he could get stuck in 1min and just say “what do i do?” He should at least try within 30min.
  13. he got more alerts and deaths in the redemption run of mgs2 while the original he got far less. for instance redemption run: continues= 71 alert= 74. original mgs2 run: continue 50 alert= 52. the stealth mechanics are fine in mgs2 and perfected in 3. sure they had room for improvement but how can he play worse than before? and he said this redemption run he would take the story more seriously and pay attention. in mgs3 in today's stream he whined about cutscene length (which he knew going in that these games had) and didnt take it seriously or pay attention etc. its not what i was expecting in a run that he claims would be overall better than the original run. so far the original run far surpasses these runs. in my opinion these arent redemption runs at all.
  14. dsp only mentioned best of. :/
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