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  1. King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe - Arby's Rodeo Chicken Sandwich - BK Frozen Coffee Coolatta - Dunkin' Donuts
  2. As someone who's played SH4 a few times, I'll give you a few helpful pointers: - I noticed how he didn't really kill any of the sniffer dogs, resulting in about 6 of 7 of them surrounding him all at once. It's no good trying to outrun them as they always manage to catch up. A few whacks with the steel pipe will down them, followed by a stomp. Phil will save ammo this way too. - From personal experience, the combat system is indeed a little clunky, but as you progress the enemies become more powerful/annoying and there'll be more of them so it's better to learn early. It'll make exploring much less tedious. - When you're progressing through each world, I'd recommend stopping off at every hole you see because you can only hold 10 items/weapons at a time and the game has items stockpiled everywhere so you'll need to manage your items on a regular basis. You can't discard the things you pick up so you'll have to return to the apartment every time you want to dump something. - Melee weapons like the golf clubs break after a while. Dump them into the item box because they'll become useless. - If you find a item called Holy Candle, be sure to save them. You'll need them for your apartment (you'll see why the more you progress through the game). They influence the ending you get. Apart from that, Phil is progressing nicely. Can't wait for more gameplay tonight!
  3. Tuesday: Battlefield Hardline MP Premiere on 1st stream/Resident Evil Revelations 2 Ep 4 on 2nd stream (If RE Rev 2 takes a little longer than expected then maybe consider starting a little earlier and extending the stream slightly). Wednesday: Battlefield Hardline MP on 1st stream/Tales from the Borderlands Ep 2 on 2nd stream Friday: Minecraft on 1st stream/FFXV Demo on 2nd stream Saturday: Do side quests/extra content from the FFXV Demo (The main story of the demo takes around 3 hours from what I've heard, but there's stuff to do outside of the main story so Saturday could be used to finish the side content). Sunday: Silent Hill 4 on 1st stream/Mario Party 10 Premiere on 2nd stream Monday: Finish SH4 if needed/More Mario Party 10 on 2nd stream Tuesday: Bloodborne Premiere
  4. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii) Resident Evil Zero (Wii) Manhunt (PS2, available on PSN) Parasite Eve II (PS1, available on PSN)
  5. 1. I'd quite like to see Phil play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii. I believe it's backwards compatible with the Wii U. 2. Final Fantasy IX. It has that old school FF setting and I think Phil would really enjoy it. Or possibly FFIV; I remember him saying that he'd like to do it as a future playthrough? 3. Ico HD 4. Returning to Tales of Xillia 2/Tales of Symphonia.
  6. 1. Final Fantasy 2. Silent Hill 3. Resident Evil 4. Tales of Series 5. Metal Gear Solid 6. Uncharted 7. Mass Effect
  7. - Half-Life 3 news - The Last of Us 2 announcement (after apparent rumors that a ND employee registered the domain name) - The Last Guardian announcement - For Nintendo to localize Fatal Frame V: Oracle of the Sodden Raven for NA/European regions. - For Uncharted 4's release date to go ahead as planned and not be delayed. - Better RPG titles for PS4/Xbox One/Vita/3DS, etc. - More announcements relating to Mass Effect 4 & its possible release date/year.
  8. At the moment - Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd and Daft Punk.
  9. 1. Red Dead Redemption playthrough 2. Silent Hill 2 playthrough 3. Heavy Rain playthrough 4. Mass Effect 2 playthrough 5. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag playthrough 6. Catherine playthrough
  10. Currently switching between Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD, FFVIII and Ico HD.
  11. Hey, I'm laurash65. I used to be on the old forums, though I didn't post very often haha! Been a fan of Phil since watching his Heavy Rain playthrough way back in early 2010. Interests include anime, video games (big part of my life) and movies. First time I got into video games was when I got a PS1 for Christmas 1998, and it just kinda grew from there. Big Final Fantasy/Mass Effect fan. I think that covers it lol.
  12. Do more travellingLearn some JapaneseGet more sleepLose weightFind a good job.
  13. First part is my real name, then the initials for Silent Hill and finally some random numbers. I'm not too creative with usernames haha!
  14. Became a fan of Phil after watching his playthrough of Heavy Rain back in 2010. I remember finding it hilarious, so I started watching more of his content.
  15. 1. Final Fantasy VII/IX 2. Ico HD 3. Okami HD 4. Silent Hill 4 5. Crash Bandicoot
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