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  1. You may feel like it wasn't a debate because you had nothing to counter any of my facts but semantics and a bunch of one-liners. Only reason I told you to grow up is because you started insulting me first. I don't understand why you hate me. Only thing I said was about the Lego game trailer you posted looks childish and boring. Are you mad about that? Because if you're really mad about an opinion over a simple video game you have a long hard life ahead of you my friend. Real talk.
  2. I refuse to be slandered while being ignored at the same time. Reported.
  3. So you're going to insult me then not answer me? DSP won't play DK Jungle Beat because A. Its extremely old and B. Its a first party Nintendo game that will most certainly get flagged for no ad revenue.
  4. ..Because I was having a debate with him?
  5. LMFAO And thats all im going to say. UPDATE: I did a quick google search and heres the man you are looking for: https://www.youtube.com/user/GhostDrone110/videos All the terri....great DSP songs that are featured in his pre-streams that totally don't annoy anyone.
  6. I don't understand the appeal of Lego games and not only does this on look extra childish, it's DC related. DC has been on the decline for a while now. Im also well over double the age range of this game so it probably wasn't made for me anyways. And on one hell of a segue im about to make, from Lego to a hellish demon succubus game, Agony one of the few games I was looking forward too is getting 3's and 4's across the board with reviewers. Hmmm... Guess i'll "Arrr" the game then... They really need to stop making Sonic games. The streak of good Sonic games ended after Sonic Adventure 2 which was almost 20 years ago, and there have been maybe 2 DECENT games since. This particular trailer that literally showed nothing should be a big warning sign that the game is going to suck like all the rest. They should just add Sonic into Mario Kart and call it a day.
  7. Of course we have to see more of Fallout 76 at E3, but im not cancelling it out already because it may be an online RPG. Only person that could be reasonably mad about this is Phil because his favorite series that put him on the map is now really susceptible to trolls trolling him if he does a playthrough.
  8. The Minecraft/Pokemon game looks somewhat interesting. The new Pokemon Lets Go! or whatever looks terrible and is gimmick city.
  9. Im not trying to make you agree with me, especially over the internet. You will have to grow up first to realize these things. Where do you see I was angry? Angry at a Mario Tennis game being played? Lmfao... this is why I keep saying grow up. Phil said he isn't going to play it in stream because it would be boring, and he's right. So you saying "don't watch it" means nothing when he isn't going to play it in the first place. You Nintendo fanboys are so evasive with facts and reality, its real sad when you're not even getting commission for your allegiance to a company that doesn't even know you exist. I should of known when you tried to play the semantics game about the Wii U and 1080P. You are officially in the anger part of grief. I'll tell you the point. Future proofing your system and Nintendo chose not to for no good reason.
  10. Just because you own multiple systems doesn't mean you aren't biased to one. Your Nintendo biased was clear yesterday during the stream when you asked Phil to play Mario Tennis, a throwaway Mario sports game nobody cares about. Its ok. you'll learn. You're about here as far as grieving.
  11. Eventually you'll grow up, i just hope its mentally rather than just physically. Nintendo is a video game company that doesn't pay your bills for your completely unwavering biased stance. Its not healthy or mature to have such a stance for a piece of electronics that can play games about fictional plumber.
  12. Pause your Nintendo fandom man. It's blinding you considerably. You know that statement is not true with any product, or any aspect of life. Steve Jobs did not know with certainty that his Apple computer would be revolutionary. There is a way to combine market research, look at general trends of technology, and above all else KNOW MOORES LAW and apply the knowledge of these things to your product that you expect to be on the market for the next several several years. Stop being a blind fanboy man, its not good for your health. Nintendo is a company, they are going to make mistakes. If you really care and back Nintendo, then its important to acknowledge and address when they fuck up, not pretend it never happens and allow them to keep making the same mistakes as time rolls on.
  13. To the 40,000 people still camped out on the Bethesda Twitch stream staring at a kicked over bobble head doll. You're all idiots. I can't wait until they announce an update for Fallout: Shelter and they shut that shit off so you can feel just as dumb as I think you are.
  14. The new pokemon game looks terrible and you can tell its terrible by how many gimmicks surround it. A pokeball? Is it 1998 and Tomogachis are back?
  15. After what happened with World Of Warcraft, I don't think Phil will ever play an MMO again. If he does happen to tackle an MMO he's going to put up heavy defenses for trolls and essentially water down the game to a singleplayer experience, making the whole play-through rather pointless for those types of games.
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