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  1. MoraMoria's avatar I give an 8 out of 10.
  2. Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000. It was on the PS1, and then they ported it onto the dreamcast, and it was still buggy, still had PS1 graphics, and no improvements.
  3. Blue from the Fruit of the Loom fruit guys. The song and vid, are simple, effective but awesome.
  4. The interesting thing is, there are alot of high level players who are not associated with Evo, who actually prefer fighting people offline than online. Virtua Fighter players are a good example of this. Any lag in Virtua Fighter is bad, because the game is more precise than other fighting games, which is why offline 1 to 1 matches in Virtua Fighter, are preferred over online matches.
  5. It was translated in English.
  6. musicboy

    Food Thread

    @MoraMoria Cool! That would definitely taste good.
  7. SpawnWave RGT Mr. Sugano TheOne Arcade Gamer Maridah Cosplay Calssara Cosplay Sifu Kuttel
  8. Nah, not yet. But if I did have the game, I wouldn't mind challenging Phil and the other players. I was planning on getting the nintendo switch version, but the collection on the whole has only 4 games online, and the other SF games like SF Alpha 1 and 2 and SF2 Championship Edition etc, don't have online play, which sucks. It makes sense why alot of people ditched the SF30th Anniversary collection, and went to Ultra Street Fighter 2, Fightcade, NullDC bear, and retroarch flycast instead.
  9. Hopefully, Street Fighter 6 doesn't suffer this problem. And hopefully, it will be a good game too.
  10. Ya can't just blame lag, or bad internet connection, for moves being dropped etc, or attacks coming out delayed. Those silly programmers at capcom, snk, and other fighting game companies, literally programmed some moves like for eg. Hadokens, to drop or come out delayed, after you do it a few times. Those problems were there from the start in the game, long before online play ever existed. So when you go online, it's both "capcoms deliberate troll programming," and "lag" combined together, that causes those problems that dsp and others experience. And to be realistic, roll back netcode, is not going to solve that problem.
  11. Like for example SoulCalibur 2. The first SoulCalibur game got a perfect 10 out 10, and had really good gameplay. Even I was surprised that namco was able to make a game that good, because namco fighting games were always known, to be a bit basic and gimmicky. The sequel SoulCalibur 2, had horrible sidestepping, bad hitboxes, watered down gameplay, tons of missing moves, bad janky looking animations, and to cover it up, they put in Link, Heihachi and Spawn, and a ton of false advertising hype, to cover up the crap they did to the game. Even one of the Japanese head devs of the game admitted in an interview, that SoulCalibur 2 is a watered down basic version of SoulCalibur 1, but it was a business decision to deliberately water down the game, to make it accessible for Tekken players and noobs. And from that game, the SoulCalibur series literally down spiraled from there. That is why SoulCalibur 2, is known and called as the cash grab game. It sucks that they did things right for the first time with SoulCalibur 1, and then with SoulCalibur 2, had to deliberately water down the game to appeal to all sorts of other gamers. Its a good thing that fans who wanted quality complained about it, and I'm glad that Japanese dev came out and admitted the truth about SoulCalibur 2, because alot of gamers had a suspicion that namco would go that silly route. I would have linked you to the article where they interviewed the Japanese game dev, but it apparently is not on the internet yet. I read it in a Japanese game magazine years ago. I can't remember the name of the game magazine though.
  12. musicboy

    Food Thread

    Tea and Apples. Yeah, I have heard people say that tea and apples, are a good combination. I myself tried it a few times too. I think I will try tea without milk, next time I have it with apples.
  13. A person who likes to play video games.
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