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  1. Definitely some deep feels, in the way you wrote that review. Nice work bro.
  2. Yeah, that sucks. Hopefully, one of those camera dudes who recorded the tournament, upload what they have on youtube. Because that is some good FGC gaming history there.
  3. Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining.
  4. Thai food and Middle Eastern foods taste really good. I recommend to anyone, to try it.
  5. Rocks and Minerals by Chris Pellant. It's a Smithsonian handbook about identifying rocks, minerals, and gemstones, in their raw forms. The cool thing is, this book has info about gemstones in it. Sick!
  6. Yeah. The interesting is and the reason I mentioned it, is because a few years ago, I remember when she wanted the role of Captain Marvel, and was turned down. She even had a campaign for the role too.
  7. @SebastianPhoton Dude, I remember that fight. It was fun to watch him fight against another SF pro. The one thing that sucked in those 3 matches, is that the control was giving Dsp alot of problems. And even a few other youtubers complained, that controller strangely has a ridiculous tendency, to drop or ignore moves. Also, I really miss seeing Dsp play Ultra Street Fighter 2. That game is so fresh. It was always fun watching him play against those opponents online, and then some pro gamer like Jason, mysteriously shows up and challenges him, like in that vid.
  8. Do you think Ronda Rousey, would have been a good or better choice, for Captain Marvel?
  9. World Heroes 2 Zelda Link to the past
  10. Definitely Mantis. For a moment there, I thought Mantis was a marvel character, because he kinda looks like, and strangely reminds me, of that tall dude Galactus. Anyway, good Fantasy Fights bro. This one had me thinking hard.
  11. I agree with that, but rollback netcode, was actually around in 1997, when VF3tb was released. Japanese players in 1997, were able to play the game perfectly, sometimes almost perfectly, with VF players in Russia and a few other countries. It's strange that sega didn't use their version of rollback, for their console fighting games, from 1998 to present. Definitely a wasted opportunity if you ask me.
  12. Actually you are somewhat correct, but incorrect. SC2 is widely regarded as the best SoulCalibur game, in the evo competitive scene, and among casuals. SC1 is regarded as the best SC game overall, and is the only SC game, to get a perfect score of 10 out of 10. The gameplay in SC1 is also way more advanced than SC2, and has lots of quality of life stuff, that were literally and deliberately removed in SC2. One of the head Japanese dev guys who worked on SC2, many years ago, actually admitted that SC1 is a more advanced, fuller game than SC2. SC2 was deliberately watered down according to him, to appeal to both casuals and Tekken players, who did not understand sidestepping and full 3d combat. And they deliberately threw in guest characters, to easily get people to buy it, and make a quick buck. The whole SC2 thing, according to him, was all business as he put it. Well in the US and certain countries there is always lag. No surprise there. Strangely enough for certain dreamcast games, there was seldom lag in Japan. In the case of PS2, it does not surprise me that lag was a thing.
  13. Okay, cool. I definitely will check it out.
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