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  1. I think he knows nothing about slideshows in twitter or instagram, just look at his wedding pictures.
  2. Did you see Terminator Dark Fate? What do you think about this new trend of woke media?
  3. 30 minutes of fan created music is too much for me, but some people seem to enjoy it idk
  4. Phil needs to pay bills. 1800 is not enough to pay bills for the rest of his life. Granted, he could ask his wife some money, but Phil is a man and men support the wives financially and not the other way around, even if that means the man has to ask children to give him money to do so.
  5. Path of Exile, if you like the original Diablo games and not that Diablo III cartoon trash.
  6. He will never stop doing it, since he gets tips every time he mentions his financial problems. His fans are his worst enemy sometimes. That is why we have 2 hour long pre streams now. Plugs and shout outs are his main source of income. Most of the viewers leave when the gameplay starts.
  7. I am now using a RADEON RX580, got it very cheap since the launching of the RX5700 pushed prices down. I play Sekiro with Ultra settings and Resident Evil 2 Remake with most settings in high. I highly recommend it.
  8. Since the dawn of civilization, politics were constructed as organized public service and reservoir for power and personal glory. But nowadays, politicians has been pushed aside by the influence of media and the internet. Are politicians the new clowns of our times?
  9. Another game, another ragequit
  10. GET TO THE CHOPPA. No, really. Phil played The Terminator like a total scrub. What is the point of going back to MK11 if you are not going to try to learn anything about the character you are playing? And then complain because the Terminator was difficult to play with. A total disaster stream.
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