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  1. Lich109

    Idea for Phil

    Are you telling me you think it's just as complicated and time-consuming to sit down and play the game, as opposed to setting up a specific time when you're going to play it and stream it to your audience and be prevented from playing anything before and after that? Why does he need to schedule everything? He can just play a game off camera in-between streams.
  2. He used to do that somewhat but then he stopped because people didn't watch it as much as he wanted them to so he said it wasn't worth the extra effort. I imagine that's the same reason he doesn't edit out the filler either.
  3. Pretty sure he's blocked me on twitter, which is not surprising because he blocks followers of certain people, even those who have said literally nothing to him and I haven't sent him a PM here as he can use that as grounds for harassment/spam (since I'd be posting it to him more than once, once in the thread and once in a PM) which can then be used to ban me.
  4. I did suggest it to Phil, he never responded to me and the thread I suggested it in was deleted, not to mention he locked the thread discussing his reading the subtitles without asking how it could be improved (of course the thread was never given any warnings that it was going to be locked because they rarely are warned) and if I try making a new thread to suggest it then it'll be seen as a duplicate thread which is grounds to ban me. Before you ask I have suggested it to him on Youtube, he never responded there either.
  5. Firstly you quoted the wrong post I believe, secondly he just needs to delete part of his audio track (whenever there's a cutscene) and then save it as a separate video, he does not need to play the game twice. There's a channel called ChipCheezumLPs where they do this exact same thing, and I've experimented with audacity and movie studio, it's very easy to do you just highlight a section then hit delete.
  6. You know what he could do? If he's only reading subtitles then he's got no important commentary, so why not just delete his audio track and upload two sets of the same LP? One for the visually impaired, one for everyone else, that way people can hear the voice acting without him talking over it and he has to do next to no effort.
  7. Wow, they simply want to ask a question, no reason to attack them like that. Anyway Phil says there hasn't been any Project 7 yet because he's trying to stay afloat with other projects, he doesn't have the time or money to drop everything and do stuff like P7 until it's done either which is why there's no specified release date. If it really bothers you then you can try taking it up with Patreon, though I don't think he's broken any ToS yet by listing it like that.
  8. I am staying on topic, I JUST SAID (even in the post you quoted) that Phil should interact with his fans more on these forums rather than only make posts to say why he's right or to ban/lock threads. Right now all his fan interaction is very limited, only sometimes happening when he streams which is partially responsible for the perception people have of him and joining discussions would improve that perception, meaning he'd have fewer detractors by doing it!
  9. That's very true, it's a shame he very rarely interacts with anyone on these forums, almost all of his posts are to lock a thread or to tell soembody they were wrong and/or how he's right. If he did talk to people more and consider what they say (he doesn't have to implement it) I can guarantee the perception of him would slowly change, but right now he seems locked into a state of giving up about how people see him (especially with his whole "I don't give a shit" bit in his vlog), which is where he's been stuck for a very long time (at least a few years). Just look at the general forums, I can find one right now on the front page that's locked without any replies to it aside from Onyx's, and there are no warnings before a thread is deleted.
  10. It isn't derailing at all if the only post before it is locked is the very first post. I'll grant you that the civilized debate thread certainly went off topic, but it was nowhere near impossible to keep in line considering that people post there relatively slowly compared to every other site with popular threads, not to mention there's no attempt by mods to warn people before a thread is locked/deleted which would have really helped.
  11. Lich109

    Idea for Phil

    Apparently he doesn't have the time or the money, he's said in a previous video he'd love to play Suikoden again, but if he did he'd be out of a business. Personally I don't get why he has to stream everything, aside from the chat helping him out of course, he could just play the games he knows and loves off-camera like Suikoden (so he doesn't need stream chat to help him along) then upload them alongside the regular playthroughs, that way everyone wins.
  12. He did, but on these forums that's not really the case, several threads have been deleted/locked because of it, hope that changes now and we can get at least one constructive criticism thread allowed (maybe this one), but I wouldn't bet on it.
  13. Maybe that should be a sticky thread, I don't visit these forums very often but I swear this is the fifth one I've seen.
  14. Lich109

    Stream Chat?

    I had already tried that one Onyx, but KG's and Revans were ones worked.
  15. Lich109

    Stream Chat?

    So I see that Phil's streaming again but I cannot seem to join the chat, he's linked his Patreon in place of the chat and I'm just getting a connection error when I try to join, is this just me or was his chat moved?
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