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Found 8 results

  1. Hey there, I wasn't sure where to put this. I've decided that I want to try being a youtube gaming channel, I've ordered most of the equipment(gaming monitor, capture card, mic, headset). The thing I wanted advice on was the whole editing side. I see that the people that use monitors tend to use two, one for gaming and the other being a desktop used for editing. I'm wondering do I have to get a desktop or a mac for editing or would I be able to do that on my laptop it's an Asus, Intel core i5, 750 gig HDD and 4 gig RAM. P.S Editing software suggestions would be good, I'm thinking just go for an Adobe package that includes photoshop and premier pro at £15.50 a month. Thank you in advance.
  2. Phil's video about selling his statuettes got me thinking. I've collected my fair share of things, mostly games, comics and horror movies. There have been times where I've sold off some of my stuff, thinking I wouldn't miss it, only to regret it later. There are a fair amount of games that I especially wish I'd never gotten rid of. What about you guys? This isn't a thread meant to criticize Phil, but if I were the one with all those statues, I'd keep them in storage til I could get some sort of display case to put them in. Maybe rearrange that gaming room and find a place for it...
  3. A general thread for conternt currently have no time to. The primary example was KH2 Final mix, the japanese "director's cut" edition of KH2 released in 2007 in japan, and which many xccould not get except through import. That the was not a reactive, but based on animation states that enemy "objects" where in...... think odff like an interactive (tis will also be a very drunkard like psuedocode explanatioon... hopefullyy if anyone e who knws more can supllement my attempt by explaining abourt revenge value concept at length, and hopefully with more examples than justthese two/) what happens is that onbce a , changed and will not be able to be "interacted with" AGAIN, until the object's attack animation stops andit it returns to astate" ,makes it damagable again. Started in the early 1980s. Animation of srites and is at the very foundatiom Is also something that Phil failed to get in his playthrough of [email protected] whn he played ity in the 2.5 HD collection in 2015/6. Some people are admittedly, not intelligent enough to get that all viedeogames are programming effectivelyy playoing2wwith programming). However with the cnocept of preventing a player from attacking an enemy too many times is probably not the The best gamers thus will be those with the ability to read However... Tjher eare also games that have similar. Have you any examples of . post them here.....hopefully
  4. Just so that people are aware I made a guild in Injustice 2 4 Phil and the fans the ID is SQQQ1 not sure if it belongs here but oh well
  5. I can't remember when was the last time Phil played a PC game. There are a bunch of indie/niche games released all the time on steam but seems he chooses to ignore them and play re-releases or old games. Is PC gaming too intimidating for him or he only wishes to use that PC for streaming?
  6. With the way the industry and press puts all their focus on AAA, its easy for underrated, hidden gems to fly under the radar. If you're up to date with gen 8 so far and don't want to miss a good game because it didn't get much attention, please share suggestions. The first game that comes to mind, for me, is the Shadow Warrior reboot. It's a throwback to old school FPS games (fast paced, ammo/health/armor pickups) that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's also fun as hell.
  7. A place to argue about happenings in the world of gaming in a mature and civil manner.
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