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When did you get your consoles?


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Got the idea from Neogaf so decided to post my own here.

When and where did you guys pick up all the consoles you've ever owned? Any consoles from this gen and before apply.

I'll start off first 

SNES: Was given to me when I was around 5 years old though my siblings had already owned it before I was born.

PS2: It was a birthday gift I got when I was around 

PS3: Christmas gift around 2007 and it was from Costco

Wii U: Bought it on sale last year.

GC: Bought it from walmart in 2005 which came with smash bros

Dreamcast: Bought it from a neighbors yard sale around 5 years ago.

GBA: Christmas gift in 2003

3DS: Black Friday sale from best buy 2 years ago

Vita: Bought it from Amazon this year.

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PS1: 2002 Present from uncle (Fucking grateful to him for introducing me to gaming)

PS2: 2004 Birthday Present

GBC: 2005 Bought it myself ($30)

DS: 2006 Birthday Present (Lost it after a year -_- )

Wii: 2007 Christmas Present (We fell for the Wii Sports hype XD )

GBA: 2008 Bought it myself ($20, WTF I payed more for a GBC! )

PS3: 2009 Middle School Graduation Present (Got all A's, shit load of awards and Valedictorian, I deserved this XD )

PS4: 2013 Bought it myself (Saved money, got it Day 1)

3DS: 2014 Bought it myself (Saved money, got it on Ebay)

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SNES, Super Nintendo and N64: Christmas presents

Sega Dreamcast: Release Day

GameBoy Color: Summer Vacation present

PlayStation: Release Day

GameBoy Advanced: Early Christmas Present during vacation

Xbox: Christmas Present for everyone

PlayStation 2: Release Day. Then bought one for myself on Black Friday 2008

Xbox360: Gift from my brother

PlayStation 3: Bought it as a Bundle with Uncharted 3 and Skyrim Collector's Edition 2011

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Sega Game Gear: Christmas present in 1992. I absolutely loved it!

Sega Saturn: Purchased it myself, I can't remember when it was exactly, but I had just started working and was very excited because it was so cheap. Little did I realise that this was because they were no longer being made and the shop was trying to get rid of the stock they had. I only ever had two games for it- Daytona and Nights into Dreams. 

PS2: Purchased in about 1999. 

Wii: Purchased in 2006. My favourite game was Resident Evil 4. 

PS3: Purchased in 2008, mainly because I just had to play Little Big Planet! 

XBox 360: Purchased in 2009. 

Nintendo DS and PSP: Purchased in approx 2010. 

Xbox 360: My original xbox kept overheating so I purchased a new one in early 2014. 

Xbox One: Purchased just before Christmas 2014. 

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Sega Genesis (not to sure what it was exactly) - my parents used to play on it and so i played on it when i was maybe 3 or 4 and used to play sonic like all the time 

Xbox - got it around 6 -7 and had it for awhile until i was like 10 or 11 yrs old

PS3 - got it around 10 or 11 yrs old and saved up all the money by myself (although it was through an allowance so i technically i didn't but still) 

Xbox 360 - got it pretty recently like about a year ago or two ago 

PS4 - got it last year to play some of the new games that are coming were coming out  

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snes- bought from my mom 1995 (had to get a new one on ebay in 2014 due to it died)

PS2- Christmas present 2004 (which had died)

PS3- bought it for myself 2011 to present (still working strong)

3DS- bought it for myself 2012 ( trade it in at gamestop for a game in 2013)

PS4- bought it for myself last year so i could play new games when they come out

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PS3: Christmas 2011.

PS2: Like 2006 or something, can't remember right now.

Vita: 2014 for my birthday

PS4: 2014 around October or something like that.

3DS: Don't have one yet, hoping to buy it this year sometime.

Xbox 360: Sold, but I had one in like '08 so yeah.

The original Wii: 2008, gave it away, Smash Bros. Homebrew mod rekt it pretty much.

Gameboy Colour: Like '99 or so. 

GBA: 2003 or something, can't remember this either.

Nintendo DS: 2007 IIRC.

O.G. Xbox: 2005 I think.

Gamecube: 2004 maybe.

Nintendo 64: 2007, got it a bit late as I was born in '95. Bought it in a flea market.

DS Lite: Sometime after the part that holds up my DS broke, like 2008 probably.



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Mega Drive: The first Christmas after it came out.

PlayStation: A few months after it came out. Was a massive Star Wars fan as a kid and my parents bought me it along with Star Wars: Rebel Assault II.

Nintendo GameBoy: Birthday after it came out.

GameBoy Colour: Birthday after it came out.

PlayStation 2: First Christmas after it came out.

PlayStation 3: May 2008, the day GTA IV came out as a bundle.

Xbox 360: Summer 2010, It then got the RROD in late October. Was bought a replacement, slimline version, for that Christmas (couldn't use warranty as my original was second hand off eBay).

Nintendo 3DS: Bought the day it came out.

PlayStation 4: Bought on day one.

Nintendo 3DS XL: Bought the A Link Between Two Worlds limited edition version the day it came out.

Xbox One: Bought March 2014.

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*in Order

PS2: Family got it when I was about 2

Gamecube: Family got it. I only had about 3 games for it though

Gameboy advance: I got in 2005 for my birthday

PS1: My mum has a partially deaf friend and we used to look after her house and pets when she went on holiday and she gave it to me with LOADS of games when she upgraded to the PS3

PSP: 2006 for christmas

PS3: My mum Bought it Played GT5, Ratchet and Clank and LBP 1 like mad

Wii: My Mum=biggest casual EVER!!!

PS Vita: 6 months after launch my mum got it for me for no reason??? Still made me really happy

PS4: The first console I bought with my own money aged 13. April 2014


*Sidenote my cousin owns a 360 so thats where I played some exclusives

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SNES: 7th birthday (end of 1991)

Megadrive (genesis) w/ sega cd: couple of years later maybe

Playstation 2: I was going to write 1999 then realised the console wasn't out then... erm, probably shortly after its release.

That's it as far as consoles go.  Also owned an amiga 600, 1200, and three PC's including the one I'm typing on now.  I was planning on getting a PS3 to play God of War 3 and Final Fantasy 13, until those games came out and discovered FF13 was bad and GOW3 was really short.  Didn't seem worth a system purchase.  I'm not sure any future console will tempt me back to the fold.

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Man I remember all of the times.

PS1: First ever console and I remember getting it when I think I was about 4 and it was my birthday present cause it was all we could afford, but I loved that console and I remember when I had it I had accidentally broke the top off and it was still playing.

PS2: I got this for Christmas when I was about 6 and I loved it and I still debate on whether it or the 360 is my favorite video game console because it was so good and had so many great games on it.

Xbox(Original): I actually can't remember how I got this, but I liked it just not as much as the PS2

Gameboy Color: I can't remember where I got this, but I loved it.

PSP: Got it from my dads friend.

Xbox 360(Original): I got it as a present and it sucked with the RROD and Open Tray errors.

Xbox 360(Slim): I got it for a deal at Gamestop and still have it to this day after about 4 years.

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Gonna list all the ones that i've gotten for me (I've had a lot of consoles but they were really my brother's which we shared haha)

Wii : Got it a year or so after release after my brother moved out and I wanted to get a console of my own.

Nintendo 3DS : Got it a week after release, first console I bought with my own saved up money.

Xbox 360 : Jumped on the 360 bandwagon in 2011 after having only Nintendo consoles.

Wii U : Got it the day after the european release,

Nintendo 3DS XL : Got last summer after getting my first paycheck

Ps3 : Bought a PS3 last year, chipped it to play downloaded games but haven't really used it much because..

PC (Maybe doesn't count but I use it mainly for gaming so yeah) : Built my own PC last february a few months after I got my Ps3

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Well from what i remember i got the following on these dates:

NES: Before i was born

Sega Genesis: Before i was born, i didn't own one for long but i did own one after i was born but didn't last long.

SNES: probably around 1995-97

N64: On my birthday, March 15th 1998

PS1: same as the N64 but 2000

Nintendo Gamecube: Birthday, 2002

PS2: Birthday, got the slim version, 2005 or 2006 i forget

Xbox 360: Christmas, 2006

Nintendo Wii: Parents bought one, 2010

PS3: Christmas, got the slim version, 2011

PS4: Early Christmas Gift but late Graduation gift, 12/23/2014

I owned quite a few handhelds but i don't remember the dates. Here are some of them:

PSP, Nintendo DS, DSi, DS Lite, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Color


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Nintendo Gameboy - From my parents, in the mid late 90's.

Dreamcast - I bought in 2000, to play SoulCalibur and lots of other cool games. It was my first console and the first console, that I ever bought.

Nintendo Gamecube - I bought in 2001, to play Metroid Prime.

And that's it dudes.

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I had a few consoles over the years:

PlayStation 2, my family got it at its US launch in 2000, so it was the SCPH-3000x model.

GameCube, the DOL-001 model, got it in 2003.

PlayStation 3, got the NOR layout 3 model in 2009.

Xbox 360, got the Trinity/Velje model in 2010.

PlayStation 4, got the original PS4 model in 2014.

We also bought a few handhelds:

Nintendo DS, the DS Lite model, sometime in 2007 or 2008.

PlayStation Portable, the 2000 model, sometime in 2009.

iPhone (8th gen), iPhone 7, 2018, did not have it for long, and yes, this very much counts as a console, it's even more console-like than the PSP!

Nintendo Switch, the look-a-like of the original model, 2021.

In addition, my dad also had these consoles:

The Magnavox Odyssey

The Intellivision

The Nintendo Entertainment System

The original PlayStation.

Yeah, he skipped the 4th gen.

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