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Hey there, I wasn't sure where to put this.

I've decided that I want to try being a youtube gaming channel, I've ordered most of the equipment(gaming monitor, capture card, mic, headset). The thing I wanted advice on was the whole editing side. I see that the people that use monitors tend to use two, one for gaming and the other being a desktop used for editing. I'm wondering do I have to get a desktop or a mac for editing or would I be able to do that on my laptop it's an Asus, Intel core i5, 750 gig HDD and 4 gig RAM.

P.S Editing software suggestions would be good, I'm thinking just go for an Adobe package that includes photoshop and premier pro at £15.50 a month. Thank you in advance.

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"DaVinci Resolve" for editing videos since it's free, but it needs decent system requirements:


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