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Hey there, I wasn't sure where to put this.

I've decided that I want to try being a youtube gaming channel, I've ordered most of the equipment(gaming monitor, capture card, mic, headset). The thing I wanted advice on was the whole editing side. I see that the people that use monitors tend to use two, one for gaming and the other being a desktop used for editing. I'm wondering do I have to get a desktop or a mac for editing or would I be able to do that on my laptop it's an Asus, Intel core i5, 750 gig HDD and 4 gig RAM.

P.S Editing software suggestions would be good, I'm thinking just go for an Adobe package that includes photoshop and premier pro at £15.50 a month. Thank you in advance.

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"DaVinci Resolve" for editing videos since it's free, but it needs decent system requirements:


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There are people who love video games . Then there are others who really love video games. Whether video games are just a casual pastime for you or if you are a serious gamer who plays for hours on end every day, you likely take a measure of pride in your gaming set up. Maybe you are thinking about setting up an area for your PC gaming. If so, you will appreciate this guide. We’re going to look at 9 tips you can use when creating your gaming set up.

1. It Starts with a Good Chair

2. Selecting the Right PC

3. Choosing an Appropriate Monitor

4. Using a Projector for Gaming

5. Finding The Right Desk

6. Finding a Good Game Controller for Your PC

7. A Good Gaming Keyboard

8. A Gaming Mouse

9. Choosing a Gaming Headset


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