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Hello True Believers and newcomers alike,

Around a day or two ago, I watched one of my favorite YouTubers post a video where he discussed 10 of his most hated/disliked comic book characters of all time.  That video inspired me to do the same.

NOTE: His video was a top 10 list.  This post will not be a top 10.  Just a list where I discuss 10 random comic book characters that I cannot stand

So here we go:

  • image.thumb.png.d101703ec9601fd2d4af2e63523babeb.png Ultimate Captain America/Steve Rogers: This variation of the WWII legend and icon is from Earth 1610, the Ultimate Universe.  This version of the character is a racist, narcissistic, misogynistic, obnoxious, and arrogant scumbag.  He is such an likable character in my eyes.
  • image.thumb.png.fecd49de7a87671dd322e6b33cec0017.pngGuy Gardner: My least favorite member of the Green Lantern Corps.  He is so stuck up, obnoxious, and arrogant as hell.  Can't stand his personality at all.
  • image.png.8a8e370b7baee1ac74f0c1ca4994e756.png Dr. Miles Warren aka the Jackal: For years, the Joker was my least favorite comic book villain.  That of course changed  when I encountered this asshole in the '90s clone saga comics.  This character sucks to me.  To me, he looks bitch made and acts bitch made.  He comes off extremely creepy and annoying as hell.  Whenever I see this asshole show up, I call him "Jackass."
  • image.thumb.png.e90b83d595aa699b47894f4f847dfa27.png Squirrel Girl: I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this, but quite frankly, I don't give a shit.  Squirrel Girl to me is a bullshit character.  She has an ability where she can beat random people at will.  WTF!?  
  • image.thumb.png.30c987e4218fcebc31004f90d5403ac1.png Maria Hill: While she is awesome in the MCU, she sucks in the comics.  Maria Hill is one of the biggest stuck up bitches in all of comics as far as I am concerned.
  • image.thumb.png.990755e4e34be71460bff1eb1079971b.png Talia Al Ghul: Like Maria Hill, she is a ginormous bitch.  Can't stand her whatsoever.
  • image.thumb.png.2e775619333472989d32a12fffb6ac5c.png Ultimate Hulk: This version of the Hulk is from Earth 1610 sucks.  This universe's Bruce Banner is a whiny bitch and his Hulk is freaking cannibal.  What the hell?!
  • image.thumb.png.15834151a45699faea0dd9f3c57d58fe.png Amanda Waller: Like Maria Hill and Talia Al Ghul, she is a nasty and cold hearted bitched.  Can't stand her whatsoever.
  • image.thumb.png.b83a0121c8945da5778b9e393a8be4f9.png Superior Spider-Man: Probably my least favorite iteration of Spider-Man.  I absolutely hated how Doc Ock carried himself as Spidey after he took over Peter's body for a time.
  • image.thumb.png.674630963119ba901bd0b9c0c0bf9446.png Injustice Wonder Woman: This version of Wonder Woman is a stone cold hearted bitch.  She is also cynical and just plain evil as fuck in my mind.

I hope you guys enjoy this list.  I'll see you guys next time.  PEACE!!!


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