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What game would you like remastered for the new consoles?


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Some games i'd like to re-experience on the newer consoles in HD are:

Spyro 1-3

Crash 1-3 + CTR

Legend of Dragoon

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Jak & Daxter Collection again but include Jak X...maybe ND will make a Jak 4

The Sly Collection & Sly 4 come to PS4


Prince of Persia(2008) with DLC if any

Uncharted 1-3 because of Uncharted 4

Red Dead Collection(Revolver & Redemption) 

The Elder Scrolls 1-5 with all DLC of any Scrolls games

Starwars Force Unleashed 1-2 with DLC

Max Payne collection with any DLC

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection on PS4

Rayman Collection(1-3)

Devil May Cry Collection from PS3/xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox one cuz of DMC 4 on the newer consoles


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Would really be great if they managed to remake or even better... reboot Dino Crisis!

Love this game :) Think Resident Evil with Dinosaurs. Many games these days take themselves too seriously. This game is just Honest Fun, and there's always room for that on the next gen consoles :) 


​It needs to rebooted after Dino Crisis 3, that killed the entire franchise. Also it would work alot better if it actually tried to be more focused on horror instead of being campy like Dino Crisis 3 was. 

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