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Since there is no objective threshold between someone who plays video games and a "gamer" the only thing that defines a "gamer" is someone labelling themselves as a gamer.

A gamer is someone who plays video games with enough frequency to classify it as a hobby, past-time or distraction.  Contrast it with a non-gamer: my mother played Super Mario World about 23 years ago for about 4 hrs and has never touched a video game since.  No reoccurrence, so not a gamer.  I don't know why people are overcomplicating this matter, seems like they are trying to dodge a stigma associated with the word or don't want to adopt the term because of what it might imply about them.  Then people tried to solve that problem by making the 'hardcore/casual' distinction--but then those words got stigmatized as well!

It's all very silly.  If people just took their ego out of the equation and didn't get butt-hurt about certain words used to describe them, there wouldn't be any controversy about this.

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​I just never considered Phone app games anywhere near games that have full narratives and complex gameplay. I can understand people who get addicted to games like Candy Crush and WWE Supercard but I don't think any of them (that JUST play phone app games) really call themselves gamers per say. All in all, that's just what I think.

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On 12/18/2021 at 11:30 PM, MoraMoria said:

I'll go with Cambridge Dictionary for this one:

"someone who likes playing computer games" -sic-

Oh yeah, this is the "boomer" definition as some would say... replace "computer" for "video" and it should be fine.

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