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Whats your gaming style? (Quiz)


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Gaming Style: Practical (Interesting...)

Action: 63% (Gotta love my action genre)

  • Destruction: 48%
  • Excitement: 73%

Immersion: 37% (half and half for me, I'm a very hard guy to immerse, that's why I don't really care about resolutions, frame rates, pop ins, AA etc.)

  • Fantasy: 24%
  • Story: 52%

Social: 58% (F-ing lol, I'm one of the most shyest person ever in public, yet I guess I am very sociable in gaming word XD)

  • Competition: 47%
  • Community: 66%

Creativity: 26% (Right on the money, I lack creativity XD)

  • Discovery: 30%
  • Design: 30%

Mastery: 37% (Yeah I guess)

  • Challenge: 46%
  • Strategy: 33%

Achievement: 57% (Right on the money, still collecting them trophies)

  • Completion: 65%
  • Power: 48%


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Action (10%)

  • Destruction (14%)
  • Excitement (12%)

Mastery (2%)

  • Challenge (3%)
  • Strategy (6%)

Achievement (34%)

  • Completion (21%)
  • Power (52%)

Social (2%)

  • Competition (8%)
  • Community (2%)

Immersion (30%)

  • Fantasy (39%)
  • Story (27%)

Creativity (59%)

  • Discovery (44%)
  • Design (66%)

Guess I should just quit games with these stats.

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Apparently I'm lukewarm in most areas, but that's because I seldom rated anything in the survey more than 'somewhat important' as it seems to suggest it would be a deal-breaker for a game not to have it.  I think I'm quite open-minded when it comes to games, I try not to have a preconceived notion of what is going to be fun and let it have its chance to win me over.

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:) I haven't looked at the details or the percents yet, but here's mine

Your Gaming Style : Spontaneous, Relaxed, Deeply Immersed, and Creative


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Game style
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This is what my results are like, but I generally don't care about achievements like trophies and that sort of stuff, like at all.

I don't currenly play any games, though, but if I was, the statistic that I would care the most amongst those, would be creativity, of course. It doesn't have one that's specific to puzzle-games, so I probably would have scored high on that one, if there was.


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The Action Components (19%)

The Social Components (51%)

The Mastery Components (57%)

The Achievement Components (19%)

The Creativity Components (3%) I used to be big into creativity then every game had customizing stuff and people spent more time think about the perfect chin shape than the actual game

The Immersion Components (76%)

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Apparently my primary (dominant) player type is the Acrobat, but I also lean towards a secondary player type, the Bard.

Acrobats (Acrobat: "Flexing My Reflexes.") are solo gamers who primarily want to take on challenging gameplay and they want to practice over and over again until they can take on the most difficult missions and bosses in the game.

Bards (Bard: "Playing a Part in a Grand Story.") are team players who want to chat and interact with other players in game worlds that are rich with lore, stories, discovery, and customization. For them, the game is a grand story that emerges from a community of players.





I agree with the results to some degree, but not 100%. I found it a bit difficult to answer some of the questions.

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Action - 70%

Excitement - 63%

Destruction - 71%

"I like quite a bit of action as seen in Sonic the Hedgehog games or Mega Man games."

Social - 7%

Competition - 27%

Community - 2%

"I don't really spend time playing online games. I might play Roblox like once every two months, but that's about it."

Mastery - 38%

Challenge - 58%

Strategy - 23%

"I kind of like to get good at the games I play. Some games I played enough to be able to LP now."

Achievement - 52%

Completion - 88%

Power - 7%

"If it is a concrete goal already set by the game/achievements, then I would try to get those. I don't care enough to raise my stats in most games, unless I am required to."

Creativity - 64%

Discovery - 40%

Design - 78%

"I like to make the sexiest looking characters in character creators in games like Lust Doll! I also like to customize how my games run to my tastes."

Immersion - 32%

Fantasy - 15%

Story - 58%

"Honestly, a bad game with a good story still sucks. A storyline isn't really essential. As long as there aren't too many plotholes, I say the game is fine. I don't really like fantasy as I prefer to compare one thing to another a lot. I make far too many comparisons to understand fantasy. Fantasy just is not comparable to things I understand. Maybe it has to do with my Autism, I dunno."

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