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What's your Nostalgic Guitly Pleasure Game?


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Hi everyone!

Do you guys remember the game: The Mummy (the one based off the movie from... I think 1999) 

Just found it on PC and I gotta say... WOW. I know the graphics are dated and so is everything else, but I love this game! Hahahaha. Just so damn Nostalgic! 

It's a game that I love, that others might not. So what's your "guitly pleasure "game?

the mummy game_1.jpg

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I have a lot of nostalgia games.

Spiderman for the PS1 (My first game) + the sequel

The original Spyro games (My personal favorite games)

Spongbob Battle for Bikini Bottom is probably the closest I'd come to a "guilty pleasure"

But there is one game that IS mt nostalgia guilty pleasure and that is Persona 4. Which is funny because I played it for the first time this past summer. I can't stop playing this masterpiece!

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I guess this gives a clue as to how young I am, but the first Sonic game I have ever played was Sonic 4. I liked it because it had some high-speed gameplay while still slow enough to be playable, something many Sonic games actually struggled with, short length (I really didn't like long games at the time), great music (I will stand by this claim! Apparently many people don't like the soundtrack of Sonic 4), and great, tight controls, even if the physics were not actually programmed correctly.

The reason I defend Sonic 4 so much, as mediocre as it actually is, is because it was not only the first Sonic game I ever played, it was the first video game I ever played! I enjoyed how well it felt to actually play the game!

Another game I consider a "guilty pleasure" is also a Sonic game. This one is for similar reasons, good music, good core gameplay mechanics, and short length. That game is Sonic R. While it unltimately suffers from issues like a big shortage of race tracks, and while the core gameplay mechanics are good, the actual racing feels too empty to be satisfying, the race tracks are more like mazes than they are race tracks. It still felt good to playthrough because it was a harmless waste of time. I did enjoy searching the tracks for items and speedrunning the tracks (and game in general). The game does incentivise skilled players that find ways to beat the tracks speedily, similar to how Sonic games incentivise skilled players for completing stages quickly and taking the best route. This game may not be a good racing game, but it worked surprisingly well as a 3D transition for Sonic games.

Another reason Sonic R is a guilty pleasure is because the PC port was the first great console-to-PC port! It was a PC port that took full advantage of being on PC, which was unheard of for 1998, and still not a universal thing today! Most console to PC ports were worse than the console versions at the time, as developers couldn't figure out how to make the games on console, work on PC. So most of the time, we got bare-bones, unoptimized, unpolished ports, that may have worse graphics, missing content, frame rate issues, zero improvements, and lot more glitches than usual. With Sonic R, we got exactly the opposite. The PC version featured lightly enhanced character models, new weather effects (that even influence gameplay, also adjustable, helped give the game more variety), consistent 30 FPS (depending on hardware in the PC, modern PCs should have no issue) (original Saturn version struggled a bit with the framerate), even fixed some glitches, and best of all, you could adjust various graphics settings like draw distance, and even resolution! The resolution was not locked at 240p or 480p, you could go all the way up to 1600 x 1200! Nothing was removed or taken away or botched up in the PC release of Sonic R, the PC version only contained enhancements and improvements compared to the original Sega Saturn version.

If only more developers could try to live up to Sonic R standards when porting games to PC...

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