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Tips & Help - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Static Veins

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Here are some hints and tips for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Firstly, and most importantly, some very important tips on how to approach the story and characters - be sure to follow them or you could lose out on some of the most important content in the game.


- There are three endings. It is not a case of "make a choice to get the good/bad ending" though, with each ending being canon and part of the overall story. You unlock the first by beating the main missions, then the others unlock afterwards when you fulfill certain criteria; mainly completing extra objectives in previous missions/playing missions on hard mode. Thankfully the grind isn't all that bad - certainly better than the one needed to unlock the true ending of Peace Walker.

I would highly recommend you go for these endings as one of the biggest plot points in not only the entire game but the entire MGS series is addressed in them.


- Make sure you listen to the cassette tapes that you unlock or find out in the field. Cut scenes are dialed back a lot in this game, with a lot of the backstory now being told through cassette tape interviews, very similar in style to the Codec calls of the older MGS games. Tapes that are especially important to the story are highlighted in yellow, with white-coloured tapes being not as essential but still expand on the story.

You can listen to these via your iDroid either in your Aerial Command Centre (basically sit back and listen), or out in the field (listen while you play).


- There are 2 buddies (support characters you can take in the field) that you can miss completely:

1) While you are either on a mission or free roaming in Afghanistan early in the game, you will be approached by a wounded puppy. You can hear him whimper and Miller will radio you to tell you to check it out, but he is still hard to see so use your night vision goggles to locate him easier if you're struggling. When you find him, tranquilise him and fulton him back to Mother Base IMMEDIATELY. If you do not take him now, he will disappear forever. If you are out of ammo or fulton, call in a Supply Drop.

2) You will encounter the sniper Quiet as you progress through the story, or potentially even in free roam. There is a choice that you must make regarding her fate - the answer is obvious, but make sure you pick the option to take her with you or she will be locked out forever.


- Make sure you are regularly fultoning enemies and any prisoners you find back to Mother Base; it's the only way your base will grow and will allow you to develop new weapons and tools.

Completing side-ops will help with this a lot as a lot of them are focused on extracting persons of interest.

When soldiers make it back to your base they will be automatically assigned to a department based on their strengths, but you may wish to move them around depending on what you need developing at that time (base expansion, new weapons, etc.); you can do this via the Staff Management menu. The most important department you will be placing them in is R&D, which allows for weapon development.


- When prepping to dispatch on a mission, you can choose what time of day you wish to arrive at; sunrise, sundown or ASAP. It goes without saying, but sneaking in places at night is usually a lot easier, so choose 1800hrs if you want to try that. ASAP will spawn you at your location at whatever time of day it currently is in-game.


- Camouflage is still an important aspect of stealth, however this time there is no 'camo index' number on the screen. It's just a case of selecting the right colour camouflage for the right environment, so make sure you equip the appropriate attire at the loadout screen.


- Enemies will call for back up a bit quicker than previous games. When spotted you go into slow-motion Reflex Mode that gives you a chance to take out the enemy who has seen you. If you do, no alert triggers, however if you can't dispatch him in time he will almost instantly start firing or shouting for help which will alert the entire surrounding area to your presence (which can range from 2 or 3 guards in small outposts or around 50 in bigger bases). Once the area guards are alerted they will call for back-up which will bring in reinforcements from other bases.


- You can disable a base's communications by shooting out comm equipment (receivers or dishes), and disable its power by either switching off or destroying the generator.

Similarly, you can destroy any enemy artillery (such as AA guns) you find and it will stay destroyed for good.


- Side-Ops, the game's side missions, are objectives in the open world and can be selected from the ACC menu or you can just travel to the highlighted part of the map while free roaming.

As these are technically part of free roam they are not ranked, so you will not be penalised for things such as kills rather than stuns or enemy alerts. Use this opportunity to experiment with your equipment and base approaches.


- There is an online mechanic in the main game, separate to the Metal Gear Online 3. It revolves around your Forward Operating Base (FOB), which you set up to gain bonus resources for your Mother Base. Your FOB can be invaded by another player at any time, so be sure to heed the call and try to put a stop to their infiltration when you get the warning by going to your base and trying to seek them out.

If you successfully stop another player from fultoning your resources and escaping you will lose nothing and get a chance to retaliate by invading their FOB. Make sure you keep your FOB fully staffed and equipped to deal with intruders; if your defenses are sufficient you might not even have to go to the base yourself as your AI staff will kill the attacking player.

You can select to invade another player's FOB yourself via your iDroid. The aim is to fulton as much of the other player's equipment, staff and resources as possible before escaping.


[More hints & tips coming as I play through the game more. Please feel free to add your own in this thread too!]

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