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What's the best MMO?


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I don't really play MMOs for long but I played FFXIV for like 2 months and had fun, mainly stopped because of school and stuff. I would consider Destiny to be like an MMO in the way it is set up and I played the hell out of it, only problem is that they don't and content frequently enough to really justify the amount of time I wasted in it. I heard that there was some new MMO coming out but the name is escaping me, I remember it had a really nice character creator and I think it was F2P. If I can remember the name I will edit this post.

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I found Rift to be a great WoW clone to scratch that MMO itch without plopping cash down for content.  The only issue I have with it is that it throws way to many skills for multiple different functions at the beginning and my skill bars start getting cluttered.  A lot of the skills are a redundant to a point, but again it's a great experience for a free game.

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Not sure about what is the "best" but
WoW was good back when i used to play
FF14 is amazing
City of Heroes was.....i mean it was alright
SWTOR is great for the story, gameplay is sadly generic
Flyff (If anyone remember that) was a neat little game you could sink time into
Guild Wars 1 was fun as all hell.
And there's the dark days of Runescape. Oh boy the days i wasted on that game........ Was fun though.

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