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Suggestions for Week In Preview


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Couple of suggestions for Week In Preview:

- stick to one week ahead. Yesterday's WIP for example, covers past week, a week ahead and then entire month of March. Doing this could cut video's length a lot and increase viewer engagement. 

- plugs for Patreon, soap, etc. should IMO be very brief (maybe a minute long?) and perhaps grouped together at either beginning or end of a video. At the moment, these are all over the place, e.g. Patreon plug at the beginning, talk about views in the middle and soap related stuff at the end. 

Having implemented those two suggestions I think it's very possible to reduce the video's length to ~5 minutes.

Any thoughts?

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I don't think he needs the week in preview....gets low views, and he updates his schedule almost twice a day on Twitter. He could use the time for other new types of content. As for the patreon plug, soap, etc, I agree it should be very brief. My suggestion is just to keep the link in his YouTube accounts without having to point it out every week. 

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