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DSP Tries It as a new channel?


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This is my first thread here and I write this is after the KOgaming topic. This is just an idea box.

So, besides the KOgaming channel I really like the DSP Tries It series and I guess this is a brand what deserves a new, dedicated channel with a new formula: just like KOgaming with games.
I really like cooking shows and everything about culinary and it's clear that DSP loves food and have the skill to talk about food. But with some minor changes it could be a much more professional thing. Phil can even keep the old formula if he wants but I guess mixing KOgaming with DSP Tries It might work as a new thing. So, what I like about DSP Tries It is the talking but what I don't really like is the sound of chewing and other noises. Maybe you should aim for trying to make a professional review of the food you eat, having a score system and shit like that and as a review it could be short, like 4-5 minutes straightforward video. You also don't even have to record the whole process because with only a couple of nice still images you shoot with a basic camera and tiny editing it can be a more enjoyable and unique series what also could reach a much wider audience. Same goes when you cook something, what might be also a tutorial-kinda thing with missing the boring parts and actually telling people the steps of cooking, shortened in 5-6 minutes maximum.

What do you guys think about it?

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3 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

He needs to stick to two channels, one for gameplay and another for reviews, montages and vlogs. He's creating too much work for himself trying to manage three channels at once.

He's already have three channels and the formula I just wrote literally need about 10 minutes of work.

1 hour ago, Ocelottacash said:

I really hope not. what good with this do honestly?

I... I just wrote that in the first post... Have you read it?

6 hours ago, QuadrupleTrifecta said:

Phil can't even get KO Gaming off the ground let alone a whole channel dedicated to just food.

Too risky.

No risk, no fun. :)

10 hours ago, Nation said:

Not gonna happen.

Phil's already having issues with his reviews losing views because of the move to KOGaming.

Moving DSP Tries It to another channel as well will basically do the same

Maybe I wasn't clear in my first comment, but DSP Tries It should stay on his old channel. What I wrote is basically reworking his already existing content in a new channel. Minimum work, extra views.

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