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Smooth! A waifu is not given to you! You must find your waifu on your own and dedicate your life to her! Waifu is laifu.



Sounds like you're looking for someone like Asuna from Sword Art Online though. Dats just one suggestion though.

​Yes, yes. Im learning...one day, ONE DAY SENPAI WILL NOTICE ME!!!

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What kind of anime is that? 

​A slice of life comedy =p It starts of with three girls in the amusement club which is just a club that does nothing lol Eventually a forth girl joins and the conversations they have as well as the things they do are all just great :p Further in more characters get introduced and make repeated appearances. It has Yuri in the title but there isn't much of it lol. There are a lot of yuri couple teasing though throughout both seasons.

Basically the characters are great =p It's an anime you can just sit back and relax to as you laugh. There are even some 0_0 moments XD

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In Battlefield Hardline, since you can use sprays, I found a Sinon spray from SAO II and now I spray her all over the maps =3

The anime I'm currently following is Log Horizon. Some say it's not as good as Sword Art Online but I find it alright.

​The two anime have similar situations but they're actually quite different from each other. Unfortunately I think Log Horizon season 2 went downhill for me compared to season 1.

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