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     Finding a good game is hard these days.  It seems like a trial to find a good game is the sea of garbage that floats out there in the market.  That's just with games you buy, finding a good free game?  Pffffttt, not happening.

     Or can it?

     There are good free games, and I'd love to open up a discussion with others to share that.  My first recommendation is DoomRL (Site For Download).  It's gone through multiple iterations over the years before finally being finished.  The mechanics are outstanding and it's visually pleasing to look at, too.  The creator stopped updating it at, but it is a complete and finished game.  The creator is currently working on making a commercial game based on the mechanics, hence why he stopped it before 1.0.  Worth a try and play, I had a blast with it.

     Any of you have any recommendations?

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I don't know if it counts because it's not even finished enough to warrant a demo yet, but my recommendation is Yandere Simulator. At first, it looked like a silly and crappy murder simulator, but the creator is so bent on adding depth to it every month that it's actually pretty damn decent by this point and it makes me interested in what the final product is gonna look like.

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I'd say SWTOR if your looking for a free MMO. Not the best, but it holds up, IMO.

Town of Salem if you're looking for a fresh, unique, party game style experience.
And that's really all I have right now. Be warned, as with all free games, they're probably beset by idiots.

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Brutal Doom

Fucking sick.  Another free download with custom WAD that captures a lot of the frantic gun fights missing in shooters.  Some of the voice work and written story is campy, but still fun.

Exit Fate

A love letter to the Suikoden series.  What's really amazing about this game is not only the level of work put into it for an RPG Maker game, but it's a free.  It's another solid game to check out.

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