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While not necessarily super unknown(definitely underrated), this was an awesome Platformer with replayability. Was addictive and had a fun theme. When I was a kid I dumped hours and hours into this game. Beat it several times.

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Robot Alchemic Drive


I've never experienced mech combat quite like this before. It's got this crazy control scheme that involves using the shoulder buttons to walk, and the analog sticks to punch (which works a lot better than you might initially think). You also control a human character, but when you switch to your mech, the camera goes first-person from the human's perpsective and you watch the mech at ground level. Makes for some really interesting fight scenes. Also, it has the greatest voice acting in the history of video games.

Man, if Sandlot would take a break from making Earth Defense Force titles and put out another one of these, I'd be a happy camper.

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