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Project 7 Reboot - Initial Thoughts


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So it looks like he raised the camera goal back to $1800.


Holy shit, thank you sir, i was just about to post about that myself. Am i the only one who sees that as fucked up. Phil, I think we deserve an explanation here. Because while i may not agree with everything the folks over at the SoK say they're calling that shit the way they see it and personally i agree with them on this one this smells like a scam. So please explain what the hell is going on here. 

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Hmm, that's probably because he didn't think the math through when he lowered ALL the goals. Since the camera is from what exceeds the highest regular goal, he had to either lower the camera by $250 and keep the regular goals the same or lower the regular goals and keep the camera the same. If the patreon amount gets to $1250 this month, the camera is gonna lower by $250 regardless.

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I didn't mean to do that, somehow it reverted to the old amount. But there's no way to "properly list" the camera goal right now. So far I've only raised around $150 or so of excess funds to go towards the camera since I made that my stretch goal in May (I think it was May?) which means that if I actually want to buy a camera, I probably need $500+ of EXCESS funds to still be raised (in addition to normal Patreon goals).

I can list the camera goal at $1603 for the month of August since I applied the $250 for Project 7 funding towards that next month - but let's say I raise $1050 in August? So that's $50 extra to go towards the camera goal, right? Which reduces it to $1503...but then for September my goals are going to go back up to their normal levels ($750/1000/1250) which is an increase...now I have to RAISE the camera goal back up to $1753? See how confusing this is? And don't worry, "those people" will just say it's another scam when I do so.


How about this: STOP listening to every little fucking thing those idiots say about me? How could you POSSIBLY LISTEN to them after all the insane slander/DDOSing/DOXXing/SWATing/stealing of my content they've done for years now? SERIOUSLY? If that's what you want to do, move on and enjoy, be a part of their little drama club because it's obvious the 7+ years of FREE content I've put out isn't enough to convince you that I'm legit. 

I've already said my piece and there's no need for this thread to remain open, since it's now becoming a daily drama club of slander that people bring over from detractors.

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