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Worst game you ever played


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On ‎6‎/‎24‎/‎2017 at 4:49 AM, $ΐv0®₮ said:

In alot of cases if a game is "Bad" I can enjoy it ironically but probably the one game I've never gottem any enjoyment out of is Skyward Sword. That game is just a mess. 

Really?!?!  Skyward Sword.  That game is pretty damn popular and borderline universally acclaimed.

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I played King Kong on the gamecube and didn't liked it. Hated that it took so long to play as Kong and didn't like the first person gameplay when your playing as an human. And then, there's Sonic 06. I wanted to like it. It has a decent soundtrack. His world is not a bad theme that I wish was on a better Sonic game but I ultimately agree with the masses that Sonic 06 is where the series hit an low point.

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Geez.. Looking at this thread just reminds me of gamers hyperbole and top shelf wording for anything they play...

Its garbage.. Actual trash.. It's the worst.

Seems to me like some people here have not played enough game's if the worst game you played is critically acclaimed or a cult classic in some way..

Its one thing to get bored of a game and not like it.. That's preference.. But if its functional.. If it works from beginning to end... And is not intensely frustrating...

You haven't played enough games imo. And that's fine.. But it comes off silly to me.

As for the worst game that I played that I thought was actually bad? Superman 64. 50$ and game is unfinished, frustrating, glitchy, and unplayable as it goes on. 

It can be entertaining tho when not taken seriously.. And can be marveled at its incompetence. 

If your worst game is better than that.. I urge you to give it a go. Emulate it if need be.

Then your perspective can grow and see how a game can actually be bad.

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