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1. Majora's Mask 3d

Reason: It's an interesting Zelda game for sure, and one of the darkest entries in the series with some of the most developed characters I've seen in a Zelda Game. Only 4 dungeons but it makes up for that with tons of side-content to enjoy. It's coming out in somewhere in Spring 2015 though it doesn't give an exact date. :sad:

2. A Link between Worlds

Reason: I know he already has it for his 3ds and has probably beaten it. I just want to see his opinion on it since it is the direct sequel to the Link of the Past which is Phil's favorite Zelda game of all time. That and he needs to get playthroughs out for the 3ds now that his recently able to do so.

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Hey phil,

There isn't much info about the game yet but are you maybe interested in playing the new gundam game for the ps4 when it is released? Maybe you don't know but gundam is an anime series which runs for like 35 years now. Just out of curiosity. Did you ever watch something of the gundam series? Thanks anyway. Keep on coming with the great content.


Omega from the Netherlands

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These are games I'd enjoy watching Phil play, not necessarily ones I think he'd like (although he may like them).  Sometimes it's fun to see Phil play something out of his comfort zone.

on console:
(This list will be shorter since he's already played most of the console games I'd want to see him play)

  • Final Fantasy 12.  (Gameplay and presentation-wise the best of the 3D FF games by a country mile, story-wise one of the worst.)
  • Final fantasy X-2  (just to tick that box)
  • Shadow of Destiny  (Not a well-known one this, but it's a quaint and engaging time-traveling puzzler (not the difficult kind), definitely worth a shot)

on pc:

  • Baldur's Gate 2 (need I say why? I can see him skipping it though for having to read out the dialog)
  • Thief: Gold aka The Dark Project (artistically the most brilliant game ever, the cut-scenes are genius, I can't wait for him to talk over them)
  • Tales of Monkey Island (much better than Monkey 3, and nails the humour perfectly despite not being LucasArts, and the puzzles aren't non-sensical like in 1&2.  Made by Telltale Games)
  • The Witcher (better than the sequel, although that's not an uncontroversial statement)
  • Witcher 2, Enhanced Edition (EE adds improvements from the last time he played, including a real intro and ending, plus he could play Iorveth's path which is 40% of the game he didn't see (there are some huge relevations).  It could even be a test run for a dual-pc streaming setup in preparation for Witcher 3.)
  • Pick up Oblivion again.  (I don't even like Elder Scrolls games that much, but found the playthrough very entertaining.  Some games just shovel up the right material for Phil's commentary and amusing moments and this was one of them.)
  • Black Mesa: Xen (if that ever comes out. The original playthrough is one of his most entertaining.)
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