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I've been playing this game on PS4 for sometime & yet to complete it...it's a puzzle game but i would like to see Phil play it...The game is called "The Swapper". Its very creative & the trophies are based on VERY hard collectibles. It is a thinking game but i think He would enjoy it...I'd like to compare it to Limbo with the creativity in storytelling & gameplay. 

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Jak 3 though I heard his PS3 has been acting up as far as video recording goes? Might as well complete the trifecta on down time maybe in the summer. 

Jak 2 was easily one of his most talked about lets plays of 2014. 

​Well its a guaranteed thing that he'll play Jak 3 but when is the question. Jak 2 was one of his most talked let's plays of 2014 because he raged alot & he kept on dissing the fans of the series. After seeing both playthroughs, im going to dred his Jak 3 playthrough.

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(11:14 to 11:24 cracks me up every time)Maybe Phil considers doing Just Dance 2015, I know this Dance Central game was a big success for views so there's an audience that would enjoy this. It essentially connects Phil's video game playthrough with Phil's Comedy. Gives the fans a best of both worlds. Surprised Phil hasn't done something like this in a while. 
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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

I'll admit it.  The screwups will be the draw.

​I'm kind of curious to see how he'll handle the knife if he finds out how broken it is (IIRC, a single swing is registered multiple times, and one of those hits is likely to be a critical).

That, and it was the first RE to have continues.

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Sierra Games! 90's CD-Rom games in general! :)

1.) The Dig. I would send Phil that game myself, I've been asking a long time that Phil should try it out. That game might frustrate the heck out of him cause it's oozing with puzzles, but he could like it too. Personally It's one of my all time favorite games.

2.) MYST games. He might only play one or two videos of that, but I think the rage would be hilarious.

3.) Minecraft! :) Phil could totally play to reach the main objective, which could take some time on it's own, there's a lot of stuff that needs to be done just to get there.

I would suggest he watches PSJ's updated How to Survive and Thrive tutorial, not the newest 1.8 tutorial, but the one before that is his best one, he explains it so well. Just like the first few videos of the basics would get him warmed up, or he can do it totally blind. Which when it comes to Minecraft, I like to see peoples very first reaction to it.

To make it more interesting, Phil could have more objectives, like after surviving the first night and then go explore, just for the sake of exploring, go cave spelunking, searching for structures and looking to find all the different biomes and collect something unique from the locations.  

He could set goals to gather a certain number of materials to build not only a home, but other builds as an objective, or he could just keep traveling, staying on the move while gathering materials and building forward operating bases. 

 He could also set a list to find rare items and craft rare items as well, he could have a wall of some sort to show achievements that he's completed some goals and others he still needs, all while trying to survive. This would all be aside from trying to complete the main objective.

Lastly, there could be other side objectives added to try to complete to make it a more complete LP, like collect three Wither Skulls to make and fight a Wither, hunt for the killer rabbit and defeat a Water Temple. Not to mention there's the plethora of mods to add to the game to make it vastly more complex and keep the LP going for a long time, trying to fulfill objectives, but I prefer vanilla Minecraft myself. It's just the right amount of content and keeps it simple enough.

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I enjoy the survival horror playthroughs Phil does on his channel. He's probably one of the only let's players on YT who doesn't act like a 6yo girl when playing them. If he's as interested in playing more as he says he is, then I have some suggestions:

  1. Silent Hill 4- I know he liked the first 3. The 4th is pretty much the same in some ways, and drastically different in others. I'd be curious to hear what he thinks.
  2. Haunting Ground- A good run-and-hide, PS2 era game. It's a Clock Tower spin-off, but the best in the series, IMO. Only downside is it's a bit tricky to get a hold of a copy.
  3. Siren- Closest thing to a survival horror + stealth game from the PS2 era. Creepy as fuck, though it may turn out to be too frustrating for Phil.
  4. Dino Crisis- I know he loves Resident Evil. This is pretty much RE with dinosaurs. Scarier than you'd think.
  5. Echo Night: Beyond- I know Phil's taken a liking to more slow paced, atmospheric games. This is one of them. Does it well.
  6. Fatal Frame 2- I know Phil's tried his hand at FF games before, but I'd like to see him go for a full fledged playthrough. Second game is considered the best.
  7. The Suffering- It's like the American answer to the many Japanese horror games from the time. You'll know what I mean if you decide to check it out.

I know that's a load but I thought it'd help to have some suggestions next time he feels like doing a survival horror playthrough.

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I would like to see him play any of these.

  1. Armored Core: Master of Arena - I think it would be pretty cool to see Phil try his hand at the PS1 Armored Core games. I really would like to see how he fares with the final boss of this game.
  2. Armored Core - Hey, might as well include the original game here that started it all (the Armored Core series, that is). I honestly thought this was a bit tougher mission-wise than Armored Core: Master of Arena (considering there were way more missions in the first game), but it is a very fun game to play.
  3. Jade Cocoon - Hmm, what atrocities would Phil create in this game? In all honesty, it is a very easy game once you get the minion breeding/merging down. It is a short game if you just decide to rush through it, but the fun part is taking your time with the story and exploring the game mechanics a bit.
  4. Destroy all Humans - This would be very amusing to watch Phil play and I think that he would enjoy this, too. The name of the game: do I need to say more?
  5. Crash Team Racing - One of my first games and my favorite racing game. I think he should stick with the adventure mode if he does ever do this one. He will rage quit if he moves into time trial races (especially having to race against the Nitrous Oxide ghost).

Well, these are few suggestions in case if he needs older games to play. 

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This is another title I have to add to my list.

TRON 2.0 Killer App. 

This is one is a really underrated game and has a cool atmosphere and good music, I would even dare to say it still holds up today, over ten years later. it was overshadowed by other anticipated titles that came out at the time of the release. I would  recommend the PC version as I'm sure Phil doesn't have the original Xbox. I remembering thoroughly enjoying this game and played it twice and I watched a LP of it already. It's a little linear but levels were immersive and was a good imagining of the TRON world. I really was excited for for TR2N, when the teasers surfaced, I was hoping it would follow the story of the game, which I though would have been a better movie, but if Phil could do an LP of this, that would be awesome and I know I would really enjoy it.

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Castle in the darkness has just been released on steam today, it's only $5 and drawns inspiration from classic 2D games like castlevania. Lots of references throughout the game, even saw Frog from Chrono trigger. It'd be awesome if Phil played some of it for stream.



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