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Clown Attacks


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Just now, BoomShakaLaka said:


What do you guy's think about these morons running round in clown suits scaring people. I think its the sign of the end times when a bunch of idiots decide to start an epidemic of clown attacks that shut down schools and roads used by sane people.

Stupid as fuck  their coming to Saginaw to kill kids 

uh huh lets see that happen until their shot dead


in Oklahoma if someone catches you with a mask you are able to shoot them on sight innocent or not 

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When I saw the title of this topic, I thought it was a discussion about those viewers on Dsp's stream, that strangely all have "Clown" in their name, like "Clown World" and "Clown Shoes." And they all have avatar pics, with green frogs, wearing multi-coloured afros's. Lol!


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