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Fun little events phil can do that I think would be awesome.


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Here are some cool things phil can do that I think would be prety awesome, and may rack in some views. (Warning Very long)

  • Once A month do a camcorder minisode throwback

with this one once or twice a month phil just picks some random game and plays it for a little bit, with his camera kinda like a oldies. this can be something to please his older fans, if he wants it can be set up as a patreon goal that way its not really mandatory unless people really want to see it, and we can show we want to see it by paying. by doing this the people that say they liked his old format can get satisfaction from seeing him use the old format once or twice a month, and he'd get no complaints from the people who liked that format. he doesnt need to do his normal pt's just a random game picked by the viewers or patrons.

  • Tales from the olden: The darksyde chronicles

This can be a segment he does on thekingofhatevlogs or DSPClassics where he talks about the good old days. lie his time in college or his time with the FGC. there were some stories I listened to from past phil that some may have never heard. Like when he was with a crazy drunk girl in college, and her boyfriend came looking for phil and he was drunk, and he slashed the pipe with a bolo knife and set off a fire alarm.it scared him because the girls he was with were so drunk and all his other roommates left him he woke up to an empty room. the fire department guys got the girls out of the room and took them outside, and one of the girls puked on the fireman, and phil said the fireman called her a b*tch, then when everything was over they went and searched phils room for drugs.they continued searching and was just throwing all of phils and his friends clothing and things into the middle of the room just teasing them. they had found some drugs, and sat it next to the computer, and one man says "these kids usually hide the drugs in the compooters" so he starts tearing the computer apart, and knocks the drugs onto the floor, and accidentally steps on it smearing the drugs on the floor. and phil and his buddies were holding back their laughter. in the end no drugs were found because of the security guard accidentally destroying the evidence, but drinks were found and they were told if they ever found drinks again they would be kicked out. there is another one where phil witnessed this like asian man play street fighter against this Puerto ricans, and he lost so they said they would be waiting outside 15 min on the money, so he said the asian guy went into the bathroom 15 min past he never comes out, 25 min nope, 35 min nothing, 40 min nothing. people start hearing screaming from the bathroom, turns out the guy was hidden in the ceiling of the bathroom, so the fire department had to come and get him out. there are videos of phil talking about these 2 stories, and i cant stop watching them. i would so love if he did these alot, i sure would watch them, and I think others would too.

  • Collabs

This is one of the biggest ways to get your viewership to grow phil. I loved your co-ops with john rambo man, they were so awesome. from the donkey kong, to the mario, and even the lost planet co-ops, only problem is how should you go about doing it? well in my opinion, please don't take offense to this, but get someone who is not very good at games, that was the dynamic for you and rambo, as to why you guys were so amazing in co-op, it was the fact you two weren't very good at some of the games, and the fact you were actually having fun and cracking the funniest of jokes when you died or the game robbed you, i loved seeing that, and judging by the comments on co-op pt's others loved that too.



Thats it for now, I hope one of these helps in a big way. P.s my favorite is the tales :3

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lots of misspelling :c
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Can we make this thread a thing again? (just to put ideas)

Vegan style dish, with a lot of stuff and variety so that it's more fun!

I saw this one from other streamer: you have to make a recipe exactly as you read it, but the recipe has been translated through multiple translator attempts, through different languages, so by the end you get silly instructions and the dish is pretty much a disaster.

Although because the resulting dish is pretty much inedible and you know it's happening, you'd have to throw it out. I don't know Phil's stance or morality on throwing food away when it's done pretty much on purpose.

So it might not be a great idea.

Again! Vlogs in Seattle‼

(I know there's more in this Forum, right now I don't remember, maybe I'll post later.)

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He should do a collab with Maximillian Dood. People have been asking for that collab for years. Maximillian Dood who at one time was a competitive Killer Instinct champion back in the 90's, has said a few times on his show, that it was thanks to Phil's help, that he was able to understand the whole youtube thing a bit better, and it helped him alot too and helped his channel take off. Also, Max is a better choice, since he is well known, and has been playing fighting games competitively in the 90's too.

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