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So, with my KOCC Video taking longer than I wanted to (I have other projects and events in my life limited my time, and frankly the will to edit videos at the moment) I decided that I'd contribute to his channel by writing scripts for videos. As for why I'm opening a Patreon, it's so that way I can get something for this (As Phil himself can a-test to, it takes a lot of time for a short video). As for the Goals, I only have two. My first goal is simple - so long as I receive any donation of any amount, I'll write one script a month. The other goal ($100) will have me write a script for Phil a weekly.

As for why I'm asking for the money - I have some projects I want to get off the ground (Particularly a Charity Stream in the upcoming weeks) but I need some game and equipment to do it.

Now, as for the kind of videos that I'll be writing, I plan to make them fairly short and digestible videos. The Two series I plan to write for KOGaming is "Game Cliques" (Which will be a series talking about reoccurring themes and ideas in games, and discussing why they exist in the first place) and "Random Bits" (Which won't have any collective theme).

As of right now, I have not set up the Patreon. I plan to do that in the next few days.

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Wouldn't a patreon for writing scripts for someone else who has a patreon already be borderline against the TOS as you yourself are not supplying any finished content?  Whether having Phil put in the video script by this person is enough I don't know but they may take the view you are not offering your patrons anything for their contributions.  Obviously even if it turns out to be doable you would still need Phils permission before creating a patreon and as he's already turned down paying people for emoticons and videos my guess is he wouldn't be using your scripts.


Why not just create your own videos from your scripts to avoid pointlessly jumping through hoops?

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8 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

Dude isn't going to pay for scripts, has he ever asked for some?

Well, I ran the idea too Phil first. He wasn't against me opening a Patreon for the idea, his only concern is if my scripts are any good.


Anyway, I'm not Going to be opening the Patreon anymore. After doing some snooping around, I found a store nearby that's hiring, so I won't be so strapped for cash anymore. I still might send Phil a script every now and then to practice my writing, though.

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