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RedDeadDSP possibly hacked


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I checked my YouTube and saw a video about a football match streamed 53 minutes ago. I wondered what the hell was going on, because I don't subscribe to any channels that streams football. When I checked around the channel, I saw that it was Phil's Red Dead Redemption channel, but it was either given away by Phil, or hacked and renamed to "Sporti Stream". If it was hacked, you should probably change your password on your main channels, @Phil.

I also took thee liberty to download the Suicide Kings videos, in case the possibly hacked removes them.

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First, that channel is ancient and I pretty much doubt there's any way I'll get it back, considering I haven't logged into it in about 5+ years. No idea what the password was, it's obvious this person probably already changed it etc. It'd be a huge pain in the ass to get it back from YouTube, I'm sure.

Second, that channel was its own entity and had its own unique password and e-mail address associated with it. Again, I haven't touched the channel in over 5 years so that e-mail address is also unused, probably hacked (And how they got the channel to begin with to be honest) and unrecoverable.

Lastly, I have the original raw videos stored on external hard drives. I have backups of ALL of my videos on external hard drives, actually. If YouTube were to up and shut down tomorrow, I'd be able to reupload the videos elsewhere, with some work. 

The kicker: a ton of content on that channel was mass claimed by the swooping content ID claims in 2013 on YouTube. So not like I'd ever be able to make money on it anyway.


If this idiot who hacked it gets it shut down or removes my playthroughs, I can easily reupload them to DSPGaming once I find them on the hard drives. It would take some doing but certainly not impossible and not a big deal. And way easier (and probably more profitable) than trying to fight with hotmail/YouTube to get back a channel that's been defunct for 5 years.

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