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What Game Are You Currently Playing Now?


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​How far are you in that right now? I think I put in more hours for that game than people who play Xenoblade Chronicles xD

​I'm in the Battle of the Triforce. Haven't beaten Legend Mode yet but I did just get Ganondorf which is great! My buddy was telling me this game gets even better when you do Adventure Mode but I haven't tried that yet. 

I think my absolute favorite thing about this game are the remix's they do for the songs. A few fall flat but I really enjoy the majority of them! 

Have you tried out any of the DLC yet? Contemplating picking some of those up. 

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Have you tried out any of the DLC yet? Contemplating picking some of those up. 

​I've actually got all of the DLC so far. What's nice is that each one brings something new to the Adventure Mode. And if you enjoy legend mode, you'll have fun with Adventure Mode as well. $20 for all of the DLC. I 100% completed the original map and the first DLC map, the 2nd is too difficult for now and I need more badges for my characters. Haven't played through the latest one so far but I like what it's doing with the Majora's Mask time system.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. That first map pack is really great! I like two of the maps (especially the snow lodge one) but for some reason I never get the option to play the "Core" map. It just never shows up to vote on, it's always the other three maps lol. The exo zombies mode is crazy fun and definitely the best part of this pack. 

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