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Tips & Help Thread: Saints Row 4 - Gat Out Of Hell


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Although you all know that I'm currently taking a break entirely from the forums to deal with the shit and stress I have on me, doesn't mean I won't take some time aside and continue the Tips & Help Threads like I said I would. I believe this one will be more or less short and sweet. Don't think I'll see anything but under 10-15 Tips here but who knows, maybe you guys will surprise me. Gotta admit that a lot of stuff in the game was funny as fuck and I enjoyed watching the playthrough.


Disclaimer: Please note that in all Tips & Help Threads, there will be NO kind of Story-Related Spoilers in their list. All lists will be kept as Spoiler-Free as possible. I advice everyone that provides their own tips and suggestions to not give any kind of Story-Relate Spoilers that will ruin the immersion and fun of other players. Please be respectful and appreciative. Thank You.


  1. When using the Brimstone Belcher, control your firing. The longer you fire, the more inaccurate it becomes.

  2. To get more speed and travel distance with your Wings, tilt down to gain speed and then go up to keep your air time as long as possible.

  3. When crowd controlling, its best to use Stomp Vacuum and then use God's Hammer to kill them all instantly if they survives the initial Stomp.

  4. Health is much more important here than in the main game. Get all Health Upgrades as soon as possible; all enemies hit very hard. Play as many missions to gain extra $$$.

  5. Fastest way to remove a Dark Inciter's Shield is with Aura – Cold Fire.

  6. When fighting against Arch-Dukes, its best to use Stomp Vacuum/Holy as it will stun and disorient them.

  7. As the Arch-Dukes charge at you, immediately jump as their charging speed is quite ridiculous and will knock you down like a rag doll, leaving you more open to attacks.

  8. TBA


In this section right here goes some Collection Guilds to acquire the Audio Tomes that are scattered around Hell. Creds go to the VGFAQ Team. Link in Creds below.


  1. Barrens Audio Tomes and Commentaries Collectibles Locations

  2. Forge Audio Tomes and Commentaries Collectibles Locations

  3. The Den Audio Tomes and Commentaries Collectibles Locations

  4. Shantytown Audio Tomes and Commentaries Collectibles Locations

  5. Downtown Audio Tomes and Commentaries Collectibles Locations

  6. Tower Audio Tomes and Commentaries Collectibles Locations

  7. Tacos Malos Audio Tomes and Commentaries Collectibles Locations


Thank you everyone for coming here and those that have the desire to help others in improving their game. This post will be under constant updating when it is required or when someone has information they wish to share with the community. I appreciate everyone that comes here and give a helping hand to others. If you all enjoyed this thread and the information given, please UpVote the post and share your thoughts. The Tips & Help Threads are here to help anyone and everyone in their time of need. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask and the answer will come to you. Now I explained in the Rules Thread but I will say it again, please remain on topic and provide tips; this is not a general discussion of the game. Once again, Thank you!


Credits To The Extraordinary

  1. VGFAQ


Previous Tips & Help Threads

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