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16 minutes ago, SilentWarrior25 said:

Ok, so what if the woman's life is in danger while pregnant and the only way to survive is by an abortion?

That's different.  Jeez, you act and think like we conservatives are sexists, bigots, and racists.

You know what really pisses me off about this abortion garbage is that I have to spend my fucking tax paying money on a women who chooses to abort a child that is not my own.  If it ain't my baby, why should I pay for the abortion?

Also, while I do agree that no one should force a women to do something to her body that she isn't comfortable in doing, the man should have the right to fight for the child's life.  After all, the man did help create the child after all.

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Just now, KGhaleon said:

It's a decision that affects women throughout the country, not just minorities like rape victims. No offense but that seems to always be the main argument that people bring up. Most abortions aren't a result of rape.

Thank you.  I was thinking of saying that myself.

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