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With regards to chat not paying attention


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Hopefully this topic doesn't end up heated or full of bullshit because I don't intend to make it for that

My take on stream chat is that it should be allowed to talk about whatever it wants, within the rules of the stream obviously - people shouldn't be allowed to post toxic shit or troll/argue in chat. I don't think that you should be too hard on your chat when it's not talking about you (DSP) or the game you're playing.

When people are shooting the shit about music, a different game, a different streamer, etc. they form connections with eachother in your chat. This keeps them coming back just as much as watching an entertaining broadcaster keeps them around; you chat with your friends while playing a game, or watching a sports game or a movie - as with all forms of entertainment, not everybody is 100% glued to the content at all times. Low/limited attention spans aren't uncommon in humans.

My suggestion to you, Phil, if people are talking about irrelevant stuff in your chat just let them be unless it's an inappropriate topic or a heated argument. If absolutely nobody is trying to ask you questions or interact with you, then join your chat in the conversation if you feel it's appropriate for you to do so.

This post is in regards to what happened during the ending credits of the 3s master challenge

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