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Ask the King Ep. 72 - Sept. 20, 2018


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Hello Philip, big fan here. Will you be playing MW2 at all since it is now available to play on xbox one and plays well. I remember you playing it during the holiday season back when it first came out, those videos were fun to watch. Also would be cool if you did fan appreciation streams for games like bo4 and other multiplayer games with your trusted viewers. 

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What are some tips you would have for someone who has pests in their home? Someone in my family had someone over who had bed bugs and now their in my room. This may relate to your depression episode, but I'm having some, let's say not so good thoughts so what are some tips and how would you deal with having pests in your home if you ever do/did?

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Hey Phil, my name is Andrew and i've been a fan since 2011. I try to get on stream as much as i can but due to my job i have to make it up watching it on youtube. I got 2 questions for you.

1. How is your back doing? I noticed there hasn't been a issue with it

2. Do you ever feel any nostalgia playing older games or games you've played before? It always does when i beat a game before

Thank you for 10 years of content Phil and hope for many more

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This is teedubs in the chat, 

I have three questions.

1. What are your thoughts on this mini console craze that has been going on for the last few years?

 I know sega dreamcast or saturn would get me hype because of how hard those game are to get in the modern era. I know some people are hyped about the NeoGeo classic that was announced recently. My question is

2. What mini console would get you hyped?

My last question is unrelated to the last two but I'm just curious.

3. When you would participate in street fighter tournaments how were that ran and if you had to host your own how would you run them?

Thanks see you in the stream....



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