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So what games are you currently playing now?


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13 hours ago, MDCFAN101 said:


Are you looking forward to the upcoming Marvel Midnight Suns game?

Personally, I am.

Dude, this is like the second time I heard about this game.

It's a tactical game? Interesting.:blink:

When it's released, I'll watch to see if this game is any good, and then decide if I should look forward to it. But from what I have gathered, it sounds like an interesting game.

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On 12/29/2021 at 9:36 AM, MoraMoria said:

Do you play against Phil during his SF throwback sessions?

That would be great. If it happens you have to tell me when it does, I want to watch it.

Nah, not yet. But if I did have the game, I wouldn't mind challenging Phil and the other players.

I was planning on getting the nintendo switch version, but the collection on the whole has only 4 games online, and the other SF games like SF Alpha 1 and 2 and SF2 Championship Edition etc, don't have online play, which sucks. It makes sense why alot of people ditched the SF30th Anniversary collection, and went to Ultra Street Fighter 2, Fightcade, NullDC bear, and retroarch flycast instead.

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