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Cool Yu-Gi-Oh Card Designs


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"Hip Hoshiningen"

This link-monster has fire-type, water-type, wind-type, earth-type and dark-type counterparts, being 'Duelittle Chimera', 'Mistar Boy', 'Greatfly', 'Missus Radiant' and 'Wee Witch's Apprentice', respectively.


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"Mucus Yolk"

This low level monster can become one of the best additions to your deck, although monsters like 'Raging Flame Sprite' and 'Drill Barnacle' could be better, on certain occasions.


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One of the cards with 'eye-dialect' in its description. The english quoted description: "Dis big ol' guy wit' a big ol' eye shoots a nasty ray beam right atcha!."


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38 minutes ago, sp5ism said:

.... wait, then what's your favorite tomato monster?

It's obviously... "Mystic Tomato"!

A very good monster for dark-monsters deck build.



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