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Dragon quest builders 2


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Huh, I see that Phil is playing DQB2. I really enjoyed the original so I hope this game lives up to it.

One tip I have for anyone playing is to build demarcation lines in your towns since the game doesn't do it for you. Your town has an invisible boundary which separates it from the rest of the open world and it's easy to figure out where it is because you'll see this icon in the top left.


Later in the game you might want to start building defenses around the perimeter of the town like walls to stop invading enemies or bosses.

Since you also know the town limits, you can clear the area or plan your layout better.

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Also I feel dumb for just realizing this, but you can cook the crops that you grow. I found myself with hundreds of cabbages, wheat, tomatoes and other foods and eating them usually only restores 10% of your hunger. Cooking them however(which is free) gets you an item that usually doubles or triples the amount that you recover.

There's no reason to not be cooking stuff all the time.

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