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Ask the King Ep. 80 - Jan. 30, 2020


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Hey DSP,

I am a BIG WWE fan and I know you've been into the WWE for a long, long time and know a lot more about it than I do. I know recently you've talked about how you don't get into it as much as you used to,  and enjoy it more now that you are no longer a SMARK. For this one question can you put your SMARK shoes back on and give me YOUR WrestleMania 36 dream card? 

Thanks man! 

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Hey Phil,


I know you love retro gaming, but I’ve noticed that you did a lot last year.  In my opinion, 2019 was a pretty poor year for gaming.  Did this cause you to lean more towards old classics? 

I think it’s funny how back in the day people gave you such a hard time for not editing your videos and just putting raw gameplay up on YouTube.  It seems like now a days more people are doing unedited or very limited editing because people want to see all the good and bad in a playthrough  I always loved to see your entire playthrough and still enjoy it.  I also appreciate the fact that you don’t rush through a game to just move on to the next one  you always try to do side missions and show every aspect of the game. Judgment was supposed to be a playthrough where you would do a side mission here and there, but you ended up nearly completing the game fully! Summer of Judgment! Also, toilet paper....over or under???


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Hello Phil, I would like to know who do you consider a failure person and a successful person in life?

My second question , I am noticing many people in my university call students with high GPA "intelligent student" and students with low GPA "stupid student" I definitely don't agree with these shallow judgements, I would like to hear your thoughts about these arguments and what makes a person intelligent in your opinion?  Thanks.

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Hey Phil! Just a quick question. I was wondering if you had an idea of how to make detractors into fans of yours?

I heard all the negativity online so I decided to check your content out for myself and not follow the crowd. I watched your Sun and Moon and Firewatch playthroughs and I had a great time and it seemed like you had a great time too! I then saw your debunking the 9 years of hate video last year and have been a fan ever since. You’ve made me laugh in times when I really needed a pick me up so thank you Phil!

Thank you for using YouTube as an archive for people like me who live on the other side of the planet and can’t watch your live streams. I’m sure it’s hard work!

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Earlier in your career you had shared your entire life with your audience.  What were some of the reasons that you decided to be so open?

How does it compare with living a more private life?

If you didn't have the detractor problem, where anything you share will be used against you, do you think you would have continued to share as much as you did?



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Hey phil. Teebubz here aka Free4allcast


I really hope you get to this question. I know its late but i feel its a good one.


With all the major streamers jumping to Mixer (also smaller ones alwell). When i Ask these streamer about the move, many claim with the account being tied to Microsoft it definitely add a decline in Fake accounts and trolls. Also many say that the Level system that each user has is a indication on how loyal of a viewer they are. Basically making the person who can't afford to subscribe feel a little more involved and invested. Also the moderation is much more streamlined. You can set the chat based on level. Only level 2 can chat and so forth. I also know you sometimes dont trust voting system. Mixer has a good system in place with so many tools that help keep most detractors away.  If you know all that sorry for the lengthy introduction. Now here is my question. 

What is your opinion on Mixer and would you ever consider jumping ship if trolling just got to bad or you got tired of it. 


Ps. sometimes this year everyone will be receiving a subscription button on mixer.

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