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15 hours ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Mainly manga, but we can talk about the anime as well. 



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I see, I suppose I shall start reading the manga soon. Almost caught up with the anime after quite awhile since I've been pretty busy. Spring break's coming up though so that's probably when I'll continue watching/start reading again. 

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2 hours ago, Avarice said:

These past few chapters have been pretty damn good. Big Mom's crew are looking pretty formidable and Oda has successfully made me hate Sanji's siblings' guts. Hope he keeps this hot-streak up!

Yeah, the Tottland Arc has been pretty good. 

Thoughts on the Germa clones?  Is Sanji and his siblings clones themselves?

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29 minutes ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Thoughts on the Germa clones?  Is Sanji and his siblings clones themselves?



Admittedly I didn't even consider the Vinsmokes' being clones, but that might explain why they have number themed names. That'd be nuts. I honestly hope they continue on with Sanji next week. Everything surrounding him is incredibly interesting atm. 


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So I'm like very behind on this show cause for some reason I just never was on a consistant pace I remember watching all the arcs before when I was younger all the way to Alabasta then stopped then few years later I finally watched Jaya to Skypea then stopped and then when Toonami aired One Piece it started at Long Ring Island which was somewhat funny to drawn out to long then went to the Water 7 to the Sea Train side arc to the amazing Ennies Lobby arc then it stopped when Thriller Bark finished then I just never got back into it sadly but now that I have my anime site again to watch consistanr anime again I'm catching up now 

Just got through 

Saboady Archipelago

Amazing Lilly

Impel Down 

And Marineford

Here's my Ranking so far of each Arc

One Piece Arcs Ranked So Far * Before the Time Skip 

1. Marineford
2. Enies Lobby 
3. Alabasta
4. Arlong Park
5. Saboady Archipelago   
6. Impel Down
7. Water Seven
8. Skypea
9. Jaya
10. Baratie
10.5. The Sea Train
11. Romance Dawn
12. Return to Water Seven
13. Louge Town 
14. Whisky Peak
15. Little Garden 
16. Thriller Bark
17. Reverse Mountain
18. Drum Island
19. Amazon Lily
20. Orange Town
21  Syrup Village
22. Long Ring Island

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2 minutes ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Has anyone read the Wano Arc?  I'm liking it so far.  Anime is about to end the Whole Cake Island Arc and move onto the short but important Levely Arc.

Gee I can't wait to get to Whole Cake lol in like over 300 episodes later lol

Freaking Dressrosa is over 100 episodes 

Impel Down was such a hilarious arc made me like Buggy and Mr. 3 more 

Marineford is like fucking amazing just so much epicness and also pretty funny at times and sad with the death of Ace. 

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One Piece Arc Reviews - Romance Dawn

The Good
Monkey D. Luffy and seeing his back story is great and learning his Gum Gum Devil Fruit Powers and his motivation to be King of the Pirates

Red Hair Shanks is just awesome and cool.

Roronoa Zoro is such a badass

Axe-Hand Morgan is a decent enough villain for the first Arc.

The Bad
Zoro gets a very short back story

Coby is very annoying.... right now at least

Alvida is very generic.... right now

Final Thoughts: A Nice short Beginning arc for One Piece that is just a building process to a much bigger Arc in the East Blue Saga. 

Overall Grade: B-


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Orange Town

The Good
This arc is pure comedy gold and starts off with Luffy trying to eat a bird which he gets stuck in its mouth and Zoro's face is priceless

Buggy's introduction is great and he's the first real great villain of the series with a interesting crew

The Action is improved .

Best Fight: Fluffy vs. Buggy

The Bad
Nami is not really that interesting....right now

This arc has a lot of super convenient stuff.  

Its basically similar to Romance Dawn but better.

The Town itself is pretty bland.  

Final Thoughts: A Much better arc than Romance Dawn and funnier too as we get another sorta Crew Member in Nami even though she's not that interesting right now. 

Overall Grade: B


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One Piece Arc Review - Syrup Village

The Good
Usopp's introduction is great basically being the village fool and liar, him and Fluffy instantly hit off and their connection with his dad and Shanks being on the same ship. 

Best Fight: Luffy vs. Kuro is great. 

The Strawhats finally get a ship called the Going Merry. 

The Bad
The First part of the arc starts with them going to an island with 
Gaimon a dude stuck in a treasure chest..... this was a weird start to the arc. 

Kuro is pretty much a generic villain.. bad ass.. but generic. And his crew are as well. 

Final Thoughts: Usopp is great and his character intro is great but not even him can save a bland arc.

Overall Grade: C


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Bartie 

The Good
The Introduction to my favorite character Sanji and his tragic back story is heart breaking and when he decides to join Luffy and leave the Restaurant is great. Also his goal is great to find the All Blue

Zeff is a great character. 

The location is great.

Don Krieg as fine I guess......but like who the fuck cares CAUSE WE GOT Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk showing up and wrecking shit like a fucking boss and instantly destroys Zoro yet doesn't kill him cause he respects and honors Zoro and wants him to get better so he can maybe defeat him one day so much great shit as Zoro vows never to lose again. 

Now we have a great Crew of characters. 

The Action is fantastic. 

Best Fight: Zoro vs. Mihawk (even though its short)

Nami's Betrayal near the end of the arc that ultimately sets up the next arc is the first interesting thing she did since she was introduced and it only gets more tragic and better from here. 

Luffy vs Krieg is insanely bloody

The Bad
Johnny and Yosaku right now are not important

Like I was saying Krieg is fine he just never served as a real threat to me 

Final Thoughts: A Really Great Arc after the disappointing Syrup Village this was the first arc that open the doors to basically power levels in One Piece and opened the world of the series up and with Nami's Betrayal we go head off to one of the best arcs in the series.

Overall Grade: A-


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Arlong Park

The Good
The First Major Arc in the series and it delivers 

Nami's tragic back story and reason why she betrayed the Strawhats is explained and why she hated pirates, makes her a way better character cause of it.

Arlong is the first best "Evil" Villain in the series he's just a fucking asshole.

We finally get to see the Strawhats all work together finally showing that this is a real pirate crew and they all get really good fights  like
Luffy vs. Arlong
Sanji vs. Kuroobi
Zoro vs. Hachi
Usopp vs. Chew

Johnny and Yosaku have a awesome moment in this arc.

The ending of Luffy vs. Arlong was epic. 

The Bad
Nothing was a perfect arc.

Final Thoughts: Arlong Park put One Piece on another level that it needed to be and delivered it in full. 

Overall Grade: A+


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Lougetown

The Good
This marks the final arc in the East Blue Saga and man is it a good one to end the saga before we go the Grand Line, the Strawhats got to the town when Gold D. Roger was born and died "The Place of Beginnings and Endings"

The introduction of Smoker and Tashigi

Luffy getting his first bounty

Luffy vs. Smoker and Smoker winning

The Zoro and Tashigi stuff i s great. 

The comedy gold Buggy comes back and funny as ever and this is the last major return he makes until a certain other great arc.

The execution of Luffy was hilarious and with the weird light strike which comes into play later for comedy aspects. 

Alvida makes a come back and she ate a devil fruit called the Slip Slip Fruit that made her sexy as hell. 

Getting to see Shanks and Mihawk again celebrating of Luffy's bounty was great. 

The ending of the arc is great with all of them in a storm and all saying their dreams put their legs on a barrel was fantastic. 

The Bad
It does drag on a bit since the anime makes the arc longer than the manga. 

The character of Dragon was cool saving Luffy..... but you won't know anything about him until the Post Enies Lobby which is ALOT OF ARCS LATER. 

Final Thoughts: A Great arc to end the East Blue Saga before we move into the Alabasta Saga.

Overall Grade: A-


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Reverse Mountain 

The Good
Laboon is adorable and his back story is very sad

The introduction of the long pose to guide through the Grand Line. 

Its a nice set for things to come showing Mr. 9 and Ms. Wednesday 

I think this is the arc that revealed the Final Island Raffel where the One Piece is. 

The Bad
Its shorter than the actual manga only being 2 episodes 

Final Thoughts: While being short hurts it a bit its still an enjoyable arc to start the Alabasta Saga. 

Overall Grade: B


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Whisky Peak

The Good
Zoro gets to shine big time in this arc where he has to fight 100 people and beats them easily

The humor is fantastic and beautiful animation action. 

Luffy vs. Zoro is excellent and after the end of it the bring the smack down to Mr. 5

Finally got some villains in Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine. 

Ms. Monday is a bad ass and Mr. 9 is funny. 

The twist with Vivi is excellent 

The Debut of Miss All Sunday as she is a force to be reckon with right now at least. 

The Bad
Ms. Monday doesn't get time to shine. 

How Vivi even got to work for Crocodile even undercover makes no sense. 

Sanji and Usopp are asleep the while 4 episode arc.........

Final Thoughts: A Nice small arc that never brings a dull moment and still sets up things to come. 

Overall Grade: B+


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Little Garden

The Good
The introduction of Giants and Dory and Froggie are incredible characters which they come into play later. 

Usopp gets huge development as he saves the day

The return of Mr. 5

Vivi being apart of the crew right is a great addition 

And Karoo is just fun. 

The Bad
But with her being apart of the crew now we now have a goal to get to Alabasta which we just wanna get there now. 

Miss Monday is underused again

Mr. 3 is meh right now 

Miss Golden Week is very underutilized because of Mr. 3

Once again Sanji doesn't do shit 

Final Thoughts: A Decent little arc as we are still trying to get to Alabasta.

Overall Grade: C+


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13 hours ago, MoraMoria said:

This has to be one of my least favourite 'Devil Fruits': The "Ushi Ushi no Mi". It turns you into a giraffe-human.

But it looks so cool, though...


ウシウシの実 モデル.png

Yeah that was lame cool fight with Zoro though 



One Piece Arc Reviews - Drum Island 

The Good
The Introduction of Tony Tony Chopper who is just adorable, who ate the Human Human Devil Fruit and his back story is one of the saddest in One Piece history who tries everything to save his friend. 

Doctor Kurena is a awesome character and badass

The Environment is the true villain of Drum Island 

Luffy climbing the mountain to get to the castle while carrying Nami and Sanji who need medical attention and snow is just blowing hard and by the time he gets up there his hands and feet are bleeding. 

The explanation of "D" ad well as the Asshole Blackbeard pirates

And shows the previous Reverie 

The Bad
We start where we left off of Little Garden as Nami gets bit by a bug and now we have to go on a detour to Drum Island and it could be a little annoying since we want to get to Alabasta. 

Wapol is just a subplot and isn't a important villain 

The Strawhats besides Luffy don't do that much. 

The look of Drum Island is boring.

Final Thoughts: Another Decent arc with a great character introduction in Chopper and a very nice pick up before we head to the final arc of the saga Alabasta.

Overall Grade: C+


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One Piece Arc Reviews - Alabasta

The Good
Well first I'd like to say after going through decent to good arcs we finally hit the jackpot with this one all the hype delivered.

Firstly we get the introduction of Portgas D. Ace the older brother of Luffy and man is he a bad ass with his Flame Flame Fruit as he was kind of our first introduction of the pirates that Whitebeard has. 

Its slowly paced but worth it at the end.

Beautiful locations in Alabasta

Tashigi gets to really shine as well. 

Sir Crocodile is finally introduced the villain of the arc and he is easily one of the best villains in the series and the first to actually destroy Luffy (Twice)

The Fights oh my god the fights are epic with everyone of the Strawhats getting their moments to shine with

Usopp and Chopper vs. Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas as he shouts that he believes in Luffy and just outsmarts the people who are 10 rimes strong than him

Zoro vs. Mr. 1 was just epic  with him being decimated by Mr. 1 to the point he had to learn to cut steel and finally defeat him was amazing

Nami finally gets her first major fight with Miss Doublefinger

Sanji kicks a motherfucking crocodile and has an amazing fight with Mr. 2 aka Bon Clay

Speaking of Bon Clay I thought I would absolute hate his character , but the quickly grows on you and has a big hero moment at the end of the arc and a later arc...

And finally Luffy vs. Crocodile which is one of the best fights in One Piece, Anime and Manga history that just pushes Luffy to his limit that he uses his own blood as a liquid to actually punch Crocodile and his defeat is glorious 

Nico Robin gets a more subtle role in the arc who basically saves Luffy from death twice and introduction of the Ancient Ponegriffs 

And finally we get the Bitter Sweet ending to what is an amazing arc to the tearful goodbye of Vivi since she had to run a kingdom and the crew can't say anything or the Marines will go after Vivi so they all throw up their arms with the X Vivi put in their arms as a gesture that she is one of theirs. 

The Bad
Its nice to see Smoker again but would of been cool to see him participate in the War for Alabana but oh well. 

Final Thoughts: Alabasta delivered on every level with just iconics shots, moments and fights 

Overall Grade: A+


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