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Ask the King Ep. 82: July 9, 2020


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1.Have you ever looked into any so called conspiracies on the internet? Personally I believe many things that are dismissed as conspiracy theories are actually true & people are just resistant to believing it because they don’t want something bad to be true. Anyway, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

2.After you watched and played Spongebob, would you say you take back what you said about “intelligent people“ watching it?

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1 . ) It has been about 2 years since YouTube kicked you in the balls with the Google+ suspension and then Adsense issues that caused you to go all-in on Twitch. What do you think about your decision in hindsight? Any regrets about the changes you made on both YouTube and Twitch around that time? (Summer 2018)

  • Do you feel you made the right move changing your archive content from the 10 minute recordings into the 1 hour recordings? Has this led you to be more focused on the gameplay and stream chat compared to before when you had to keep your eye on the timer to cut the recordings every 10 minutes? Do you think you would ever start archiving your streams as one 3.5 - 4 hour video for the first stream, and one 2 hour video for the late stream? Or do you think hour-long recordings are a sweet spot for stream archives?
  • Do you feel like going all-in on Twitch and ditching YouTube has been a factor in the recent positivity you have seen over the past year? Especially since Twitch hasn't given you anywhere near as many behind-the-scenes issues as YouTube has. Not to mention Twitch as a platform has actual humans working there and don't rely on bots to enforce the rules, so it hasn't turned into an automated toxic cesspool like YouTube.


2 . ) Did you hear about Twitch's recent implementation of Community Challenges for channel points?
It seems like a great new way to use channel points. I feel a good way to use the Community Challenges feature would be to have viewers use their channel points to vote for which Vest you should wear, should you hit the vest goal for that stream. You can have up to 3 challenges going at once, perfect since you have 3 vests. Just set up one challenge for each color, and whatever color vest hits the goal first, or has the most points pooled into it, will be the vest you wear if you hit the Vest Goal. This would be great for frequent viewers like myself who have hundreds of thousands of channel points laying around. It doesn't seem like Penne Point Whales could manipulate this either, since there is a maximum amount of points we can spend on a challenge.


3 . ) Have you thought about any new sub goal events? We always seem to rotate between Viewer's Choice, Retrospective, or some kind of marathon stream with 4 or 5 games. Perhaps you could ask the chat for new ideas to add to the rotation and keep the sub goal events feeling fresh. Especially since we seem to always hit the Sub Goal to do these events. Here are a couple ideas I had:

  • A special stream that's NOT gameplay, but you do some sort of activity that you haven't done before, either on stream or even in real life.
    Example: Some streamers stream themselves painting. Perhaps you could play a Bob Ross video on your TV and try to follow along with him and paint on a canvas in real life. It's healthy to express yourself and be creative after all. These types of streams are actually quite popular on Twitch, so it may even expose you to a whole new audience who might stay.
  • Promise to upgrade something relating to the stream. Such as buying a new streaming chair if you don't have that brown chair anymore, or buying a green screen, paying a professional designer to give your brand a fresh coat of paint, buying more sound-proof foam to soak up noise from your air conditioner / kids outside playing / landscapers etc., you get the idea.


4 . ) About a month ago, you changed your Pre-Stream format to cut the Plugs Segment and replace it with more in-depth conversational topics instead. How have you seen the response over the past month or so since you implemented this change? You still hit the Vest Goal every stream, so it seems like having a 10-15 minute Plugs segment wasn't necessary after all. Especially since you have a slideshow on screen that do the plugs for you. Do you have any other ideas with pre-stream you'd like to do in the future?


5 . ) Did you ever go looking for that old brown chair from Connecticut you said might be in the storage nook? I know you have been talking a lot recently about getting rid of the loveseat and getting a single-width chair, and we brought up in chat you had a regular chair back in CT you might have actually brought to WA during your move. 


6 . ) With the recent surge of copy pastas in chat, do you think you will turn copy pastas into a positive thing like you did with other things that have irked you? Such as the Frog meme, lean in manual ban meme, take a sip meme, why am i toxic meme, penne meme, bottle crunch meme, etc. Those were all deemed negative at first, but you turned them into a positive, and the trolls can no longer use them to get on your nerves. Do you think you can do that with the copy pastas? Maybe start calling them Copy Penne lol :laugh:


7 . ) Also not a question but a suggestion: You asked about designs for selling Covid face masks on Teespring a couple days ago. I think you should make a design that says "Why Am I Toxic? Oh wait, I'm wearing a mask, so I'm safe!" doesn't have to be an elaborate design, just text. Maybe simplify the general idea so it can fit on a face mask and still be legible from 6 feet away.

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Seeing a popular Twitch broadcaster like CohhCarnage do a "Mod Day" every now and then that celebrates the hard work moderators do for essentially a free job by giving them the tips earned on the day, have you or will you consider doing something similar to that towards your moderators? Understandably, he is one of the highest paid Twitch streamers so I know you don't have the same luxury he may have to sacrifice tip money but have you considered taking a day in giving back to the community in that regard? It seems like a great way to boost the morale of doing a effortless, selfless job and may help in keeping the moderator turnabout at a lower pace. 

Side question is I know you've done raffles and giveaways in the past, have you considered or will do more giveaways to your subscribers to make their loyalty more worth it? Maybe PSN Card giveaway or a game giveaway. 

These seem like excellent ways in gaining positive publicity amongst your audience or people who may be interested in following your content.

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Hello Phil,

I was rewatching your video game review of The Order 1886 this past week. Is this game still one of the worst games you've played? Like the game play sucked but the graphics was just awe. There have been talks that a sequal of The Order 1886 will be released for the new gen console. Any thoughts on that?

One more thing, Will you ever bring back The Hate Live podcast or hateful truth series?


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