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Ask the King Ep. 83: NOW Oct. 8, 2020


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1.What are your thoughts on the increasing prices of games & related items? With some games rumored to be priced at $70 & Xbox live taking away yearly subscription it seems it’s gamers to put their foot down & maybe boycott these practices. But idk if people have the gall to do it; what are your thoughts on this?

2.On a similar note, Psn recently changed their license agreement saying must agree that you can never file a class lawsuit against Sony. This is required to be signed to go online & do you think Sony went too far?

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Heyo Phil, I just have a few questions.

Overall what's the better fighting game franchise, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?

What's the worst movie you have ever seen?

Ever considered doing a Dark Souls challenge run?

Do you enjoy the cult hit YouTube series known as Garbage Cinema?


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If you could make a game what kind of game would it be and what would it be like, you're not limited in budget or development team?

Do you think Nintendo, a company that was known for making hard games is now known for making games deemed "too easy"?

Is there any fictional character you could relate to?


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Hey Phil, I was wondering if you get your green screen since you have room. I was wondering if you were still interested in doing video game news. Years ago you said that you wanted to start a new series are you still interested. My other question is would you bring back hate live. The best segment was back in the day.

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I have two questions that would need an elaboration:


You have been doing Youtube for a while but changed to be a streamer. What prompted you to do that? Can you explain your entire experience with Youtube and Twitch from the beginning until now? I remember you mentioned that Youtube "flipped a switch" and did something in 2016.

Why did you choose Seattle instead of other places in the country? Can you elaborately compare your experience living in Seattle as opposed to Bridgeport? What prompted you to leave Connecticut much earlier instead of later?

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will you be visiting a local food bank if you can't make it to the 15th of October?

i've done some research for you to save time since I know you're busy

there's no shame asking for help from local non-profit organizations who are there to help people in your situation

food bank in your local area: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/wa-renton

the only reason I mention it is because everyday you tell us about your groceries and how you can't afford them, just trying to help

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With next gen consoles coming out what do you think Nintendo’s next move will be? Do you think they will ever make a console that is not under powered, and will that affect their ability to run third party next gen games?

You have gone through many challenges over the years, swatting, ad-pocalypse, disappearing from search rankings, the breakup, the incident... what was the toughest thing you had to go through and why?

What was Halloween like in Connecticut when you were growing up?


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