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No Man's Sky


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Since Phil last played I think he just saw the beginnings of the Base update and the Next update and maybe the Visions update.

Since then there's been the massive Beyond update, Exo Mech update, Living Ship update, Crossplay update, Sythithys update and Desolation update. Adding whole new avenues of gameplay.

After Phil's first revisit of the game and failing after a short period, cause of the long tutorial segment and Phils protest of a grindy farming, this game might been sworn off by Phil.

Still, there has been more changes to the game since. This is where I have been spending a lot of time lately and given MC the back seat.

I decided to give the game another go. Personally I like the exporting and open world and farming for stuff doesn't bother me. It felt like years since I first tried it and admittedly the intro/tutorial stage did feel a bit slow and not very interesting, I wanted to get to the good stuff.

In my revisit, the tutorial is still there and I see why they do cause even for someone that is somewhat experienced with games, the controls and menus do have a very steep learning curve right at the start of the game and a bit confusing and feel a little cluttered.

I did notice things looked and felt different soon after getting control of the game, while still feeling familiar. I think they cleaned up the menu system and tired their best to make it intuitive without older players having to relearn everything.

I kinda knew what the 'story' was in the earlier versions of NMS, but the goal of the game, getting to the center cluster of the galaxy was underwhelming and I have been to the end of the earlier version and I thought something really cool might happen, but turned out nothing happened and the game essentially starts you back at the beginning.

I went in this time knowing that there was some changes made and added more narrative. I haven't reached the end by any means, nor have I been spoiled on what changes  it has completely yet and still intrigued about what might be at the end of the main objectives.

What I'm getting at is I think a second revisit for Phil might be something to consider and maybe play it again as a trial run. Meaning just setting one goal that shouldn't be too long and shows some new stuff.

I think a goal to try is for Phil to find his first Ghost Ship and that's it. By that time, I think he would have played and seen enough to make a judgement call to keep going and there is not an expectation to have to complete the entire game. If he does continue, people that like watching the playthrough can make up a new goal to reach that could be interesting and not necessarily to do with the main objectives.

I have at least gotten that far and I was expecting the same rigamarole that I've seen before, but I was wrong. The new stuff they have is pretty cool and seems they have switched gears to include other players, which does give the game a new depth to it, since Sean's first focus was a solo experience.

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I wouldn't see it likely, but from what I've seen, it seems worth another shot.

I also revisited Phil's old videos on NMS and something else I can add if does happen, Phil can't just rush it, cause it was just a miserable time and you're not having sense of awareness of your surroundings. The game does start you off on hazardous planet so there is some sense of urgency and make survival a bit more challenging. Dying does suck, but it does give you the ability get back what you lost and learn from a mistake. I would recommend to take a breath, relax and think, like you are on a strange, alien planet. Go through the messages on the screen, the guides in the menu system about what you're doing than just blasting everything in sight. The game does step you through your objectives on what you need to do. There's not many hangups, instead to take a moment to figure it out.

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