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Ask the King Ep. 84: NOW Dec. 24, 2020


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Couple of heavy-controversial questions, if you want to give it a try:

  • What are your views on abortion-laws, should it be legal or illegal, and under what circumstances?
  • Do you consider yourself as a pro-Second Amendment person? Regardless, give us your best argument for what you believe in.
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Hey Phil

Been awhile since I last sent you a question and watched your content. I started watching your content way back in 2010, Heavy Rain of course being a fan favourite at this point. I’m 23 now and over the years I’ve gained an appreriation for many mediums besides gaming. Music being my current interest. And I just wanted your thoughts on music. Allot of music I’m really into is 60s-70s rock. But I definitely have a soft spot for the 80s thanks to vice city. And I have some albums on vinyl, and to me that crackling sound just adds something to the music. One of my favourites being Queen’s Night At The Opera album 1975. I even have some of my dads old 45 records from when he owned a bar. I just wanted to ask what’s your favourite albums or music artists? I myself tend to listen to all kinds of music for the sake of variety. And to me music feels like the closest thing we have to a time machine. Especially when you hear old Beatles takes/recordings when working on a song. Also recommend listening to You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36). Anyways I hope this whole pandemic isn’t getting you down. Just keep on keepin on. 

Sincerely Brandon 


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Hi Phil,

I noticed whenever you play sports games there's a lot of traction behind the first few parts. The continuation of each playthrough seems to depend on the fun of the game, entertainment value, and or what new games will be available as the playthrough progresses. That being said, I'd like to ask if there's any chance of you playing UFC 4? At launch, I'd say this game was a definite skip. But recently, I've had a ton of fun playing it. This could be a redemption run, sort of, as your UFC 3 run was never completed because of your negative experience. UFC 4 actually has a story and more streamlined controls; you can change the ground game controls in settings. The pacing is better; fights are a little less realistic to allow more freedom. Training has more gameplay than UFC 3; you improve moves by using them rather than buying a better version. AND everything seems to be more accessible in terms of screen navigation. They have non copyright music you can play in the background while being in the menu. The only downsides are the cosmetics take a while to obtain (unless you buy in-game currency) and the story isn't much a story. I think the rag dolling and training features make up for that. It has been a long time since you've played a sports game to my knowledge and you are a variety streamer. So I think playing this during down time could offer hilarity and entertaining content to your stream schedule.

If the question wasn't clear, will you play UFC 4? Sorry for spelling errors; don't roast me ;)

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  • Phil changed the title to Ask the King Ep. 84: NOW Dec. 24, 2020

Should you be honest with people or let them live in blissful ignorance?

I feel guilty because I used to touch my sister while she was asleep. Do you think I should tell her about it? :unsure:

Is there ANY amount of money that could convince you to do a Vanilla Classic stream?


We could have the donations collected, verified, and in your bank account before you even do it, so there's no chance at all that it would be less profitable than any other stream you do.


What I'm talking about is playing a game you know nothing about, for the first time, WITHOUT THE STREAM CHAT. The biggest thing by far, that made me a fan of you in the first place, was being able to watch someone experience a game for the first time. Seeing you react to challenging parts and figure out how to progress was one of the most entertaining things I had ever seen on YouTube. Even if you guessed wrong, it didn't hurt the entertainment factor one bit.


When you played Bayonetta you found the weakest weapon in the game and then used it it for the entire rest of the playthrough, while simultaneously complaining about how much health the bosses had. That was so fucking hilarious! It happened 11 years ago and to this day I still think back on that and laugh. Or when you were fumbling around in Dark Souls trying to figure out how to use magic. (I did the same thing at first) Things like that are the most genuine, organic, comedy gold in the world because it's REAL. It set you so far apart from what everyone else doing we couldn't even see them in the rear view mirror. But now there's not even a CHANCE something that amazing will ever happen again, and that's a real disappointing fact to accept.


I understand your “streaming is an interactive experience” argument, and I'm not suggesting, or expecting you to change the way you do things. But if we can 100% guarantee that you'll get whatever amount of money you need, to not think this is a waste of time, is it really too much to ask for one single stream done in the style that made you an internet legend in the first place?


I have been playing video games since Pong only existed on giant ten thousand dollar computers at collages or big companies that could afford such things. Throughout my life most of my friendships were heavily influenced by games. Drawing maps for Zelda on graph paper to compare with people at recess. Questioning people like a detective to see if they knew any moves for Mortal Kombat that I didn't know. I even strapped a phone to my head with a braided belt to have voice chat in team deathmatch Quake before anyone else. I've met all kinds of gamers over the years, but never anyone who thinks about games like you. So I don't know if you're going to interpret what I'm about to say next as a compliment or an insult...


The second a game doesn't work the way you thing it should, you start screaming that it's a glitch. The instant you die you start demanding that something is bullshit about the way the game was programmed, and that shouldn't have happened. The emotion just kicks in so god damn fast. And like 99% of the time a game doesn't go exactly the way you want it to, you start insisting from the very core of your soul that things shouldn't have turned out the way they did. … There are a lot of people on the internet that talk about how much they hate stuff, and rant about what sucks, and they're always angry and grumpy. But ALL those people are just putting on an character. You. Are the real deal.


You are one of a kind that can't be imitated, because no one else in the world sees and interprets the reality of playing a video game the way you do. But then the stream chat sends everything that makes you special straight to hell. You're not the one PLAYING anymore. You're getting a hand held tour of the video game while the tour guides point out what you should look at. Sorry if this is insulting to the people who help you support your family, but I don't give two fucking shits about about fan boys who want to be the teachers pet and throw rose petals and offerings for a favorable glance or mention.


You are the special one.

You are the golden child.


It seems like such a nice peaceful path, but the stream chat only pulls you away from your true self. It limits and dulls the true and honest expression that every artist must hold on to or be drowned in the sea of time.


Before you dismiss these comments as nonsense from some crazy person on the internet. I want to leave you with one final thing to think about that I'm not sure you've figured out yet...


Don't you think it's pretty strange that your trolls and detractors invest so much time and effort trying to destroy your life and hurt you in any way possible? I mean, it doesn't make sense that strangers on the internet would go to these kind of lengths does it?


...But it makes perfect sense if your biggest haters are all people who used to be your biggest fans.


Think about it.


I meant what I said about you being one of a kind. You were creating a source of entertainment that couldn't be found anywhere else. But you changed. You evolved. Matured. … Or maybe those are just the closest words we can come up with to describe what the stream chat has done to you. The stream chat screwed up everything. Your most die hard fans searched far and wide to find another source of entertainment of such high quality. But they found nothing.


So they came back. Back to the only place in the universe where they could bask in the light of the one true God. It took years, but they slowly realized that what they wanted, would never be given. So either they learn to go without the purest expression on honesty they had ever felt … or they take it. What your biggest fans (haters) want is to see you learn, adapt, understand. They want to see you take on impossible challenges with the deck stacked against you. You used to serve that stuff up 30 times a day on a silver platter. But that was before stream chat.


With your hand being constantly held and distracted with the stream chat you'll never do any of that stuff in a video game anymore. So they're going to make you do it in real life. Your biggest fans are now extracting the entertainment from you by force. The traps, dead ends, cheap hits, mimic treasure chests. They're making you go through all the same stuff in REAL LIFE where there is no stream chat to tell you what to do and what not to do.



You might not be able to stop the stream chat if it's the only way you can survive. Maybe it's a catch 22 where there is no way out, and the only way to survive is going to cause you to be persecuted and harassed forever. I'm sorry, I wish I had an answer for you.


But if we could get you enough money. Do you think you could find it in your heart to do just one stream without the chat?


Just for old times sake?


Merry Christmas.

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Hey Phil, do you wish John would forgive you so you could go back to how things were before?

Be honest, which forums do you frequent more, this one or the farms?

Do you wish you would have listened to and taken advice from your former mods so they might not have left?

Are you trying to distance yourself from the lolcow culture by playing slow paced lengthy singleplayer games?

Do you feel like your business is kept afloat by a small amount of people that tip in large amounts?

Will you ever VIP Derich?

If tips get real slow for a playthrough would you consider dropping said playthrough?

Don't you think it's a bit rude to ask for support on your audio-only schedule?

Why don't you look into better twitch TV like other content creators that stream for a living?

Will you be sending your mod team small gifts for their hard work like hachubby?


Merry Christmas my king

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Hey Phil I know it's been years since you played final fantasy 13 lightning returns but I'm curious about one thing. Why is it that you made it all the way to the end just to quit and was the strategy guide not helpful enough to help you finish the game? You seemed to really enjoy the game since you were able to make it all the way to the end and it's strange how you were able to sink atleast over 20 hours into it and then quit. 

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Merry Christmas Eve Phil! it is Derich and I have 2 Christmas-themed questions for you:

Phil, What are your favourite Christmas movies that are your favourite and that you love watching? For me My favourites will always be Elf with (Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel), Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. also What were your favourite Christmas songs? 

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I Know you wont answer this but I'm ask anyways.  Why do you say "excuse me" " that was disgusting" when you burp or snort but you never mute your mike.  Sometimes it seems like you are trying to make multiple sounds and change your pitch while you do it.  I believe you do it to just assert your dominance but i would really love to hear your honest reason why.  



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Hey Phil I have been a fan for years but I can't catch your streams because of my schedule. I saw your prestream today on youtube and you asked for input. Recently something has irked me with your videos. With Youtube's abundant ads in every video now I can't but help and notice your content has low volume compared to everything else. I have to turn my volume higher than usual to hear your commentary and gameplay but whenever an ad comes up, it blasts my ears. I dislike having to adjust my volume every time I watch your videos and then switching over to other content. Could you please increase your gameplay volume and mic input volume on your videos for a month or so and see how it fairs?  If you don't believe me compare your own videos to other similar content and you'll see your volume is lower than normal. Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas Phil!


Can you talk about some of the reasons that this console launch such a disaster?  Would you put more blame on the retailers or the manufacturers? Do you think Sony and Microsoft purposefully created a shortage to increase demand? Seems unlikely to me they missed their projections for customer demand this badly.


I have heard you talk about this a few times, and it seems you have a strong distaste for any romance missions or character love relationships in games.  Now I agree with you that the waifu phenomenon, to the point where you are actually physically attracted to, and have romantic feelings for a character is quite odd and probably not that healthy.  However, wouldn't you agree that romance missions or relationships when done right, can have a meaningful impact on character development, and a depth to the story progression?  If you are simply "role playing" the character to enjoy the story, why should romance, or anything else the character does for that matter, have any bearing on real life relationships?



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Do you think your "Vest Streak" from this year will eventually go down in streamer history? It was such a huge thing when it happened, no one knew when it would end, and best of all - it was completely organic and unprovoked. I know people were talking about the vest and the vest streak in streams that had nothing to do with you, so it permeated around twitch big time when it was still going on.

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Hey Phil,

First things first, Merry Christmas! Hope you and Kat are doing well. My question revolves around some of the recent news stories coming from Bioware. A few weeks ago, it was reported that two of their veteran developers, both Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, would be departing from the company. Both of these developers have been huge contributors to some of the company's biggest IPs, primarily both the Mass Effect franchise and the Dragon Age series, so it's quite a major loss for the studio. For myself, their departure isn't much of a surprise as in the last few years, several notable Bioware staff members have been leaving the company in droves so I expected more to be doing the same at some point. With the next Dragon Age installment currently in development as well as the most recent announcement of a new Mass Effect game in the works, it's difficult for many longtime fans to stay optimistic about these two upcoming titles given the current state of the company. It's no secret that Bioware's reputation has gotten worse following the release of both Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem as well as reports surrounding mismanagement within the company, but what makes many fans even less hopeful about the future is the fact that most of the key developers who brought passion and quality to several of their previous titles are continuously leaving the company. My question to you is, what do you personally hope to see from Bioware moving forward? While I myself hope that the company finds a way to get their act together and returns to releasing good quality RPGs, I've been having the impression that the company I once greatly admired may be too far gone and has now become a shell of its former self. But what are your thoughts regarding this topic?

Keep up the great work and stay strong.


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Hey Phil,

Recently said you were confident you have kept the quality of your streams consistent because support and contributions continue to come in but it's evident, especially of late, that these originate from a few individuals (nobody believes those random names that tip big always proceeded by an anonymous 1 dollar tip are anything but Dr.Tony's sock accounts) who seem more animated by a need to own the trolls than actual enjoyment of your streams (most of them barely talk in chat) , so I'm worried these few people prop up your channel and make it so you never have to be truly accountable to your fanbase, who have been asking for very basic improvements like a green screen, basic etiquette like not burping into the mic, basic respect like not chewing out your regulars for minor infractions, basic interaction like multiplayer streams with trusted regulars/mods, etc. Thanks for answering!

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Hey Phil, I have been a huge fan of your content since I was 8 years old. Merry Christmas first of all and I was wondering can you explain what exactly happened to Cyberpunk 2077 because I played the game and I grew bored of it after a week and I know your still playing it but what do you think went wrong and turned out to be a buggy mess. 

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