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Divinity Orignal Sin 2 art


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Wallpaper art for Divinity Original Sin 2. I'll pay someone $5 per photo to photoshop (high quality) Phil's face to Ifan. I'm not donating to Phil until he actually plays DOS2 like he said he would, so might as well donate to someone that deserves it until then. Phil sort of looks like Ifan already, but Ifan has a full beard which is too tricky for me to edit out. Full size images:




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16 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

Not everyone has a special condition that lets him enjoy watching paint dry.

Maybe you should do some research before you start mouthing off, "baby man". 


13 hours ago, meatboyman said:

classic mode would be too easy tho he should go on tactician 

Have you seen his XCOM videos? He hasn't played a turn-based tactical RPG like XCOM since then, so don't overestimate what Phil can do.

Classic mode is easy for people who know what they're doing. It's normal difficulty if you're new, but optimize items and explore for extra EXP. It becomes hard if a person is new and doesn't optimize items or explore. Phil won't know what he's doing and probably won't optimally explore the maps. Although, there's no doubt that the chat is going to help him, so I believe Classic mode will be best for him. Tactician mode will no doubt lead to a rage quit.

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