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recent intrusion into personal info


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if any of you have been around long as long as i have you will remember a time when Phil used to tell us on every prestream that you can donate anonymously via tips and not even he would know who you were ..i could go find old prestream clips of him saying this but laziness ofc (i will if people demand it). however recently he has changed this to require you to expose your real name and identity along with having your actually financial institution and contact details revealed whenever you donate ...point being this is something i am not comfortable with.

i used to send tips under random silly names for jokes or a gag but would occasionally send larger sums too but due to the recent changes to the tipping system and not wanting to expose personal information about my self or my family i will no longer be contributing via tips i may still send bits now and then but not tips 

i hope you understand <3


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53 minutes ago, meatboyman said:

i used to tip under multiple names and i liked people thinking there was more different people contributing and i would rather not have Phil or anyone else knowing what usernames i tipped under i hope he changes it back

I don't know why you would want to reiterate that information to us, yet again, if you're concerned about your privacy.

And the fact is that there's not a single shred of evidence for what you just claimed, (as it should be).

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13 hours ago, TheZipperDragon said:

phil has had his stuff hacked before so how can we trust he will keep our information secret

I think i'll wait a while and see if anyone gets harassed before I donate again


yea thats what i was thinking ...some people are apparently still somehow able to do fake tips according to dsp but im not sure how he decides what tips are fake or not

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