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New series - DSP finishes it


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There's been many games that DSP promised (mainly because he took money) to do an entire playthough of, but never finished. DSP should start a new series called 'DSP finishes it' so that he can fulfill his promises. He should do whatever it takes, even if that mean starting a third stream each day. Him taking such actions will redeem his integrity and respect from viewers. He's complaining about not having enough money due to "chargebacks" of late, so third streams will keep his finances right as rain.

I nominate that Ninja Gaiden Black / Ninja Gaiden Sigma should be finished first.

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Someone can post a list of games he did not finish, but would it be worth doing it at this point? He's not willing to play "Street Fighter V", the top game nominated for the Marathon, because of an arbitrary rule that wasn't stated in the OP.

If there's something to "redeem", it would be by starting to have more meaningful Tip-Goals, or improving the quality of the streams when the effort to do so is reasonable for a full-time streamer.

But this is just my opinion.

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